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  1. I don't count flume credits but I do prefer the left side. Thanks for the info Kim. Mike
  2. Well this might be it for us. We have had season passes every year since 2005. I had not been paying attention until Lance posted it over on Screamscape. Next year's gold pass, on sale now for $55, does not include Hurricane Harbor or Frightfest. You need to at least buy the platinum pass to include those. No HH, no FF, no HITP. Sadly looks like it is time for our family to move on from SFSTL. I have not been one of the naysayers, but I do now think our park is dying. Mike
  3. Anyone have information on when Adventure Cove is opening in HH? We have been waiting on opening since there isn't much for our 5 year old to do without a splash zone/kiddie area. thanks. Mike
  4. My nephew just posted this on Facebook. I did not know that they went to high school together and were good friends. I also had no idea of his years-long battle. His passion for our park and his work always came though on his posts. Such a loss for his family, friends and our park. Mike
  5. DBru, Just received a season passholder email update with new operating hours. Looks like they are not going to be open on Mondays and Tuesdays, and shortened hours Wednesday through Sunday. Mike Oops. Didn't see that TNT already had it covered.
  6. DBru, Just received a season passholder email update with new operating hours. Looks like they are not going to be open on Mondays and Tuesdays, and shortened hours Wednesday through Sunday. Mike
  7. Very nicely and politely said Kim. As to those who say just "don't go", well ... we already shelled out over $700 for our five passes and dining passes. They aren't giving refunds. Extending the passes a few months or discounting renewals won't likely do us anything for us. Cedar Fair is extending their season passes through 2021. Perhaps Six Flags should do the same? Mike
  8. Probably the best route to go. They'll be little nuclear missiles wiping out civilization, again. Mike240, Obviously you don't have children. Thank goodness for the rest of us that you are not contributing to the gene pool. Zach, I know you are new to the whole parenting thing, but you'll know what I'm talking about a couple years from now. Mike
  9. While I strongly endorse wearing masks, and wear one when I go into public spaces/stores, the minimum age requirement for wearing a mask at the park is concerning. Disney is requiring masks for children over two. I think I saw somewhere that Six Flags was going to do the same. How am I supposed to make my four year old wear a mask for five or six hours in 90+ degree heat? If he takes it off are they going to kick us out? The Zoo and the Aquarium have an age minimum of nine. Much more reasonable. I know everyone is trying to be safe and do the right thing, but making a two year old wear a mask? Anyone with kids knows that is not feasible. Mike
  10. My kids love it too. I stood on the bridge once. It was a one time thing. Mike
  11. I thought I saw a report some years ago that one ended up in China but was never put into operation. Mike
  12. After starting the "can we have one train launch forward and one backwards" thread, which was shot done by those with technical knowledge, I have been advocating for turning it back to a forward launch for years. Please turn it back to its original forward launch! Mike
  13. Also bummed about Mardis Gras. Parade, food and drinks were fun. We made sure to make it to the park for it the last two years. Mike
  14. They are $15 and includes the picture. thanks RKO! A bit pricey with three kids, but we will probably do it. Mike
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