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  1. I am thinking about getting No-limits, but I still don't know if I should get Roller Coaster Tycoon 3, I know making coasters in No-limits is really hard, but it looks like fun. Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 has the theme and the rides, I don't know what to get. What would you guy's do?
  2. I am thinking of buying Wild!. Is the game worth the money? I heard good and bad thing's about it. What do you guy's think of it?
  3. IF this post was intended for Robb and Elissa only, then it probably should of been posted in the "Ask Alvey" forum; and it should of been clear that thats what it was for. _six I did post it in "Ask Alvey" Robb moved it and made it a poll.
  4. Actually the post was for Robb and Elissa for which Disney resort has the better of the three. Example: Disney World has the better Splash, Disneyland has the better Space, like that since you guys have been to all of the Disney's.
  5. Out of all the Disney parks which space, thunder, and splash mountain do you like best.
  6. Just read on towerofterror.org that it has been changed back!
  7. I was looking on another board and I saw a picture, it is possibly the eyes of the yeti on EE.
  8. I know I know i asked this on ask alvey but now i want to ask you guys. Is it a good park, are there nice people there, and is it better then magic kingdom. Again sorry i already posted this but now i want your opinion's.
  9. Can i ask this question in the theme park and donkey board, so everyone can respond?
  10. I have been to WDW many time's, i never been to disneyland because it is across the country. So i wanted to know if it was good, i know the whole WDW resort is better, but i meant the magic kingdom because a lot of people say disneyland is better then magic kingdom.
  11. What do you guy's think of disneyland? Is it a good park, are there nice people there, and if it is worth a trip from New York.
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