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  1. I'll admit that my family and I went to the park yesterday and had a miserable time. However, we should have known better than to go. Food lines were crazy (45 mins for a pretzel at HH, nothing else was open yet). But the heat was what killed us. We ended up leaving at 3:30 (arrived at 10am) and lines for food still looked to be at least 30 minutes. We will be back in Oct.
  2. I'm a member of several Disney and Universal message boards. Even those "prime" theme parks have pages of people complaining about how employees are horrible, food sucks, and everything is too expensive. I love Six Flags, I have complaints yes, but I try to not let it ruin my visits. FYI, I hope we don't get a hyper, cause I'll never ride it. Spend the money on a good family ride.
  3. I'm a season pass holder and I receive a survey after each visit. I always fill them out and write suggestions.
  4. I was there yesterday too and I noticed the cups and 3D glasses at Justice League. We rode about 8pm and I think most of the effects were working. My major complaint is the food service still. Everything is understaffed. I also wish that the snack credit could be used till later in the night.
  5. It's all horrible. The restaurant has been on fire for days and there is still an hour long line for food. VR is blinding people and the roller coaster is literally snapping their necks it's so rough. Over at JL, thanks to bad ops, someone flipped a safety toggle and Cyborg's laser started going off, randomly vaporizing guests (although this did reduce queue time somewhat). The HITP preview got mixed up with the Fright Fest preview and now Krampus is making every child in the park cry uncontrollably. Some trickster - I suspect Wily E. Coyote - installed vibration motors in all the Boss's trains so it's rougher than ever. Worse still I had to drive a full 30 minutes to get to the park but my built in seat massagers were broken so I got drop toes. This all could have been avoided. This. Is. awesome!!!! If only we had gotten Goliath instead of Georgia. Thanks Six Flags.
  6. My family and I are Sfstl season pass holders. My kids are 12 and 8. We can be at Six Flags in 1 hour. It is a great one day trip. To go to any other park, we would need a hotel, dog sitter, and 2 days. With our crazy schedules, not gonna happen often. We can do a quick one day trip to Six Flags. My kids love it. They are not coaster crazy. If I'm going to complain, it's that the shows are infrequent and do not change from season to season. However I think Miss Kitty is new this year.
  7. A very good idea, except for this little tidbit....... Buffets never go over well unless the food is fresh. Where is this at? I didn't notice this on Sunday when I was out there. At the pavilion near the front of the park. Across from first cone.
  8. Park is promoting a new option for dining on the weekend. They are offering an All you can eat buffet on Sat and Sun for lunch and dinner. Dining passes are accepted. Saturday is hamburgers and hot dogs. Sunday is chicken fingers and hot dogs. This is probably an attempt to lower the wait times for food.
  9. My family and I went to the park today (Wednesday). Since it was a weekday early in the season, the park was dead. Little to no lines. We arrived at opening and went straight to Justice League. We got the second car! Unfortunately we stopped in front of the Joker and had to be walked off the ride. We did ride two times later in the day with no issues (15&20 min waits) Here was our final list of rides: Log flume x 2 Moon cars x 2 American Thunder Justice League x 2.5 Thunder River x 4 Pandamonium x 3 Carousel Mine Train x 14 - my daughter loves this ride Joker Sky screamer Batman Tsunami soaker x 2 The Ninja was down in the afternoon. We also saw the Miss Kitty's show "Pardon me boys" Closed down the park.
  10. I call it the Joker that goes all the way around. Heading to the Park tomorrow. I hope it's not too crazy. We went opening weekend and it was nuts. Any word on how the meal Rush has been?
  11. Season pass holder. I try to go during the week. I'll take a vacation day and grab the kids. We usually go straight to HH. Stay till 1 or so. Eat, then hit the regular park.
  12. We had a good day overall. The park got very crowded. I heard many coasters had an hour or two wait. We did Pandamonium with a 30 wait and a 45 wait. Waits for food/drinks were long. At one point I waited 20 mins in line for a drink refill. Also, I saw a lot of guests using Flash passes. I usually see just one or two parties, but there were lines of Flash users which slowed down the regular line. My daughter even asked what they were because she's never noticed them before.
  13. At the park now. We arrived about 30 mins before opening and had no line for parking. Bag check and turn styles took 10 mins top. So far so good. Line for JL looks insane but everything else is 10 mins.
  14. Just so you know, I am a Disney fanatic. The DisneyWorld message boards have the same complaints about upkeep, lack of new rides, horrible food, and how everything is going downhill. Although I love WDW, my family cannot go every year. We get season passes to SF for less than a one day ticket to Disney.
  15. Thank you!! Some of us like our little park. My kids and I are not going to ride a new crazy coaster anyway. I am still trying to get my daughter on the mine train. But she loves Six Flags and will happily ride the Log Flume and Moon Cars all day.
  16. My kids and I should be there Saturday. I'll try to take a lot of pictures.
  17. Six flags sent a tweet asking for Firefighters to be the first to ride the Fireball on April 28.
  18. I'm short (5'2'') and I have an issue banging my ears on the restraints on the Ninja. Well I used to, you couldn't pay me enough to go on it again.
  19. City Museum in St. Louis. There is a 10 story slide, caves to explore, and they serve beer.
  20. Lurker here, but does anyone know the times for the dining passes? This will be our first year using them, and I can't find any info on the lunch/dinner times. Anyone know. Also, anyone know why they put the height limits on Taz's Twisters? I remember riding it with my kids, now there is height limit and you must be in the green zone to ride. One of my kiddos doesn't like "scary" rides and is not happy to be getting too tall for most of the kiddie rides. Also, when is the last time they ran with two operators at Shazzam? It is my daughters favorite ride and the operators there are always so slow.
  21. My family and I attended SfSTL on Sunday. It was bad. Hour line to purchase tickets (2 members of our party needed them). Hour wait to purchase/activate season passes and dining passes. 45 min wait for lunch. Floors were disgusting in all buildings. Mooseburger freestyle area literally had puddles and was very slippery. Over 30 minutes for ice cream. And the Burrito place workers (at the end of the night) had no idea what they were doing. I don't think they were trained at all. They could not roll a burrito. We walked them thru the entire process and that was after waiting 40 mins in line. I kept telling our family members that "we've never seen it this bad" and "it's normally so much better". I don't blame the workers, they were just extremely understaffed. They are desperate for help. Kelly
  22. Anyone know what the height requirements usually are on the Boomerang?
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