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  1. Vortex is/was the most brutal roller coaster Ive ever been on. Honestly I want too like it because my first time too Kings Island I was 8 and remember seeing the Bat track still up and a sign on the fence describing the rollercoaster(Vortex) that was gonna take its place. I was. barely tall enough to ride the next year. Dont remember it being rough but years later I couldn't stand it! And I have a high tolerance for pain. Id rather be punched in the nuts than ride that thing again.

  2. Like most people, I totally love to make fun of SFMM for how long this coaster is taking. But it is nice to see such a large project taking shape. Nothing about this ride seems "half-a$$ed" like some Six Flags additions.


    They are completely rebuilding an area of the park that DESPERATELY needed it. It looks like they are actually constructing a full station building rather than a silly canopy like on YOLOcoaster. New paint everywhere, new buildings, upgraded restrooms, new pathways, a wooden coaster that no longer rides like sh*t, and a non-DC hero themed dueling quadruple launched coaster with a fantastic color scheme.


    Yes, it's slow and steady, but I am glad to see such SFMM put in lots of effort into a new project. I would argue this is their largest addition (and possible largest investment?) since Tatsu once you include all the groundwork and revamp of the whole area. It can't be cheap.


    Not trying to come off as a crazy fanboy (trust me, I have my issues with the park). But I am so excited for this project and think Six Flags deserves a ton of credit once it's all complete.


    I agree with you. This is the most excited Ive been for a SFMM coaster since X. It just seems so different and yet reliable and fin for everyone. I think its gonna be a huge it. Super excited for the first riders.

  3. Fun fact that nobody has mentioned yet. Right now, CP is paying all employees a $5/hr bonus for all hours worked. Soooooo a pretty significant portion of their employees are indeed making $15/hr or more right now. Actually, quite a few are making more than that. Just keep that in mind when you’re complaining that CP can’t find staff. It’s almost impossible when you don’t have a metro area close by.



    And kids that age don't wanna work. You can raise the minimum wage and you'll still find that the generation is seriously lazy and entitled. Not my opinion rather fact. Im not talking about everyone, but a large portion. They are more concerned with free stuff

  4. Ah, $15 an hour. The universal solution to all of the world's problems.


    Most HS/College kids and parents with normal jobs have work Monday morning. It makes absolutely sense for them to not stay open until 10PM or 1AM on Sunday nights. Yes, they probably could pay more and get more people to work, but I think you're vastly overestimating that incentive and they would still have staffing troubles.


    I'm pretty sure CP, and the other CF parks that do not do Haunt on Sundays, are perfectly fine with their fiscal outlook the way things are. I'm sure someone there has done the math and determined that the additional income gained from running Haunt on Sunday nights would not outweigh the additional expense.



    I like this guys response:) Why do people always feel that businesses should cater to their wants. Go to another park or build your own. Meanwhile, I'm pretty sure Cedar Point will be just fine.

  5. What can KI really put in to replace Vortex? I honestly don't see another major coaster coming anytime soon cause of Orion.


    It's the ultimate spot for a Dive Coaster. Said it for years. Imagine standing on the walk where Vortex's batwing rises up right in front of you? Now replace that Image with the view of a 250ft+ Dive drop leading to a massive Immelmann loop coming right at ya! Its the perfect spot for this type of coaster.


    I also think some kind of blitz coast would be sweet sitting down in that valley as you watch from above. I can't imagine they'd remove vortex only to leave that magical plot of land to sit empty.


    Thats just my Friday 2 cents brought to you by screamscape, the ultimate website for getting pissed off at he most ads ever jammed into one page.

  6. I went to the park yesterday and wanted to post a few thoughts. First off, the park was busy as opposed to what it looks today! It was a two hour wait for SV and over an hour for the other major coasters. After arriving at the Valravn entrance we walked right to Valravn to get my first ride on this beast. However, the wait time was already 45 mins. So we walked back to the entrance and bought fast lane plus. I haven't been in 5 years so I wanted to make sure I rode everything. The park looked beautiful and operations were all excellent. Dragster was down all day and it looked as though they had a crane an a giant new spool of cable up on the track. This is the first time, ever, that Dragster was down when I was there, so I wasn't that upset at all, even though I love it!


    Here are the rides I got in yesterday:

    Valravyn 3x- I absolutely love this coaster and don't understand the negative opinions. To each their own but it seemed as good or even better to me than Sheikra and Griffon. The splash down has never done anything for me other than its aesthetics.


    Millennium Force 2x- This is coaster heaven for me! I just absolutely love it! I don't care that it has ejector air or insane violent elements. I rode in the front and second row from the back. I can ride it wherever and still love it just as much.


    Maverick 2x- Flatt out insane as I remembered! It's funny because the night before we went to Battery Park to see the view of Cedar Point from across the lake and you barely see Maverick sitting there! Then you ride it and realize how freaking intense and balls to the walls it is. You almost need to condition your body to be prepared to ride it! Amazing!


    Steel Vengeance 2x- So with what I said about Maverick, it was hard to believe there could be a ride that was more out of control. I have been so excited to ride SV since dreaming about Rocky Mountain doing their thing with Mean Steak. Like many others, I paid lots of attention to updates and photos that were posted here. So when my buddy and I finally sat down in the front seat, I could do nothing but smile! All the elements have been described so I will not go through them. All I will say is that when I got off, I thought to myself, "How do the trains even stay on the track?!" Simply amazing and exceeded all my expectations. WOW!


    Magnum- God I love it for being the icon it is. I rode it the second year it was open when I was 10 and remember telling my parents how smooth it was. Fast forward to yesterday and I think from now on, I will stick to my one ride per visit. I love what Magnum represents to the industry and I am glad engineering has grown! It's not on par with Vortex down at KI but its rough. However, I do not want it ever taken down.


    Power Tower 2x- I love these rides. Great views of the park and guaranteed butterflies.


    Gatekeeper 2x- This was my biggest question mark of the trip. What a beautiful coaster and I love the entire gatekeeper plaza. I will say that I absolutely loved the ride but totally understand the criticism of the MCBR and what follows. Seems like they were so creative for most of the ride and then got real tired and just wanted to finish up the design in order to go to bed. Still an amazing ride.


    Sky Hawk 2x- Love this ride so much be damn, what a short cycle. The line was so short. I'd much rather wait longer and get a longer ride. I wish they would change the cycle so bad.


    Maxair 2x- Love this ride as much if not more than Sky Hawk because the cycle seems so much longer. I love these frisbee rides(this one particularly) so I cannot wait to get a ride on CraZanity at SFMM.


    Blue Streak- I love it for what it is. Always have fun while riding.


    Sky Ride 2x- I have always loved relaxing and taking in the views from sky ride. Couldn't help but to think about Bill when I was on it!


    Train- Most underrated part of the park to me! We were tired and hot and just wanted a break. We decided to hop on the train by Mantis and MF, we rode it over to SV to get another ride but decided to stay on for another full circuit. So relaxing and enjoyable. Go to the far back and you can get a full bench to yourself to stretch out those legs. I love the Train like Bill loves Sky Ride!


    Overall, it was a great day. Glad we bought Fast Lane Plus for our one-day trip. The park closed at 8 and it looked as if rain would be coming in. Therefore, no dark rides, but it gives me something to look forward to when we return next year! Good food, great operations, and amazing rides. My trip reaffirmed why I love CP more than any other Amusement Park I have been to. Thank you Cedar Point.

  7. You could also try what I have been doing. Ive lost 15 pounds in a little more than a month. I still eat the same foods I always have (minus soda which is rare now) but I literally cut my meals in half. If they bring me a burger and fries i cut the burger in half and save it for later same with the fries. I have been running for about two months as well though and I am running 1-2 miles every other day. I don't crave anything because I am still eating the same foods. Here in a few weeks I am going to switch to a healthier diet now that I have portion under control and will indulge in whatever unhealthy foods once or twice a week.


    Good job on the running. Exercise is just as important to brain health as it is your cardiovascular system. However, I would just switch to healthier food rather than cut portions. I've been consistently at 12-15% body fat throughout the entire winter and I have always eaten about twice as much as people far heavier than I am. I also still pig out for one or two meals a week where I get astonishing looks from people wondering where the hell I put it.


    Don't diet. Change your lifestyle. I've been eating 'mostly' paleo for several years and I no longer have digestive issues, acid reflux, random headaches, fatigue, and a slew of other daily annoyances I used to think were just a regular part of life. Stay away from normal USDA guidelines. Do you really want to follow something that is the culprit for making 2/3rd's of Americans overweight, with half of those individuals being considered morbidly obese? Let alone all of the new unexplained chronic illnesses.


    Don't just take 'gym bro' advice or listen to misinformation passed down from multiple people. Here are a few reads that I highly recommend:

    Practical Paleo (easy read and will point you in the right direction)

    Wheat Belly (easy read and will educate you on the dangers of our modern diets)

    Grain Brain (a more difficult read, but the most informative)


    Over 98% of all diets fail. Changing your lifestyle is what is important. Eat whole foods. Meat, vegetables, a small amount of fruit. Stay away from BREAD, dairy, and refined sugars. The better you eat Monday-Friday the less you have to give a crap when you go out to grab some food and beer on Saturday nights. Also research intermittent fasting (16/8) for a more natural way to eat that will melt fat off of you.


    Quoted for good, honest advice. Don't pay too much attention to any crap you see on tv. Look within yourself and you will know what you are doing wrong. There is no safe, quick fix to obesity as TV may suggest.

  8. Coaster Studios just mentions the exact same thing you can read here or on screamscape. If anyone wanter to do a youtube channel you could.

    Here's how:

    Step 1: Start a youtube channel

    Step 2: Read Themeparkreview everyday.

    Step 3: Talk about the things you heard on Themeparkreview or make stupid claims such as, Cedar Point will have to change Valrayn's name because it's offensive.

  9. Everyone could just move back a row every lap. So every 10 or so laps you get the back, right? How many rows are there? I should know this. Haha. I'd imagine front might be fun. No airtime, but the true Skull experience is more than just an airtime moment.


    I agree, but was trying to be nice. Even the larger version of this ride would have been sweet! Let alone a Mack Coaster or perhaps a Intamin?

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