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  1. Yes! It is worthwhile to visit the Beto Carrero World, but only after counsel in the areas of DreamWorks and The Chiller be ready, not to be so ill-luck in picking up half the park closed, as happened to you in Hopi Hari. Both parks are great! I'ma huge fan of Beto Carrero World and I assure you, it will be worth the visit!
  2. The Hopi Hari is a nice park, but must learn to manage your own park! He is capable yes, but what they lack is organization toward the park. The security piece, every day of open parkland always something pathetic happens with teenagers in the park. Jray21 when you have the opportunity to meet Beto Carrero World in Brazil, not far from Hopi Hari, come! But come on mid-end of 2013, the park is planning several innovations like The Big Chiller, old roller coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure, and the areas of DreamWorks! Students from schools in Brazil are really stupid, go to the park j
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