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  1. Have no idea how the ball was dropped on this but someone's getting fired lol j/k Somehow SFFT announcement was leaked early and USA Today posted...


    "Wonder Woman will climb a 113-foot hill, drop about 100 feet straight down at 90-degrees, and hit a top speed of 52 mph. It will include overbanked turns and the free-floating sensation known as airtime. Among its three inversions will be a "180-degree stall",


    There you have it folks SFFT will be getting the first RMC Raptor http://amp.usatoday.com/story/534583001/



  2. Dive coaster is a never dying rumor it was the hot rumor when perilous plunge was removed and Knotts ended up getting Coastrider. Dive coaster has also been rumored for SFMM for years now, I think it's just coaster enthusiasts wishful thinking since there isn't one on the West coast.


    Also remember Intamin did just open Flying Aces which has the steepest non vertical cable lift on a coaster. Knotts could be interested in that type of lift if they're not going for a vertical lift coaster.


    Until track shows up I'm sticking with the Intamin renewed relationship. I'd be happy with it being a Fahrenheit type or steep cable lift winged train coaster or even Blitz/ Taron type launched coaster.

  3. Imo CF wouldn't have even mentioned the "RENEWED" relationship thing if it didn't apply to a company that for years the expert enthusiasts have been proclaiming CF would never work with again and that's Intamin.


    Anyways I'll be one happy camper if Knotts is due for the Intamin over the RMC Raptor which I think is a cool concept just too low capacity for a park like Knotts let CGA have it

  4. Honestly don't see Viper going anywhere soon. If anything, they'll probably just add new trains to it and market it as "The New Viper". With Knott's supposedly building a new major coaster next year, and with Disneyland nearing the completion of Star Wars land, I don't doubt that SF is exploring the possibility of building a new 20+ million dollar coaster as the park will have to invest quite a bit in the coming years to remain relevant. So here's my prediction:

    2018: Renovated Viper and a new Zamperla Giant Discovery.

    2019: New 20+ million dollar coaster.



    SF spending 20+M on a coaster? They don't do it b/c of their post bankruptcy Capital expenditure formula. SF EBIDTA is thru the roof without big coasters, there is no reason to change. They have set a 750M Modified EBIDTA goal for 2020, they are at 545M in last annual report. The investment strategy is not changing.


    Guys listen to him he's 100% correct he's an expert SF will be installing nothing more than S&S free spins, justice Leagues , larson loops and giant discoveries for the rest of their history. The idea of SF spending conservatively to be able to spend on something big is just impossible and according to the experts SF 2018 will be Skywarp for every park lol

  5. Knott's Network posted the following comment on their Facebook page, 'Ground breaking going on at the Mystery Project'. Does anybody know what this was about?



    I don't know it could ONLY be something that we have been talking for the past 2 and a half months. But I'm clueless.

    I mean what they meant by ground breaking. Are they saying they are breaking the ground up or that they had a "ground breaking" ceremony?


    Think they mean breaking ground up to start placing footers soon!!!

  6. But CF has never stoped working with Premier, or Mack, or Chance, or Vekoma? But has had a sour relationship with Intamin so it makes the most sense that they're referring to intamin when saying a renewed relationship with a manufacturer who we have worked with recent history.


    With that being said Knotts is also in need or maybe interested in replacing their old intamin observation tower Intamin still produce observation towers so why not grab a coaster and a new tower at the same time


    I'd love to see a Skyrush type hyper with its first drop wrapping around a new tower

  7. I recall them painting Perilous Plunge about a year before they scrapped it. I highly doubt Monte is leaving in the near future, but anything is possible with a high-maintenance Schwarzkopf approaching 40 years.


    After reading California Coaster King's full article, it appears that the ride is returning to its original all-yellow scheme. I've never been a fan of single color schemes, but considering the area it's located in, it makes sense and is a nice throwback. Good stuff.


    It's a last hurrah for all the nostalgically inclined. In other news, Coming to Dorney Park in 2018...


  8. I had an awesome time yesterday for visiting the park for the first time. Got on everything at least once thanks to a platinum flash pass. I've got to say, and I've heard negatives about it in the past, but the employees have to be one of the best out of the six flags parks I've visited. Especially the Twisted Colossus crew who tried to get that train out there right on time on every lap. Pretty much the lack of a constant running shuttle and a couple of closed coasters were the only negative, but it gets me to want to go back again.

    Tatsu, Apocalypse, Riddler, and Superman were pretty much the only closed coasters. Green Lantern was open and closed all day, but snagged a ride.


    Why is that the majority of people that come visit SFMM from other states or countries enjoy SFMM and have nice things to say about the park yet judgemental superficial hateful waxed eyebrow coaster jerks like cj1990 have nothing but negative things to say about this park it's just so very old tired and annoying really if the park is that bad stop going it's that simple trust they will not miss your little season pass purchase or your entitled spoiled ungrateful attitude at all. Go live in your supposedly golden memories of the park since it's current day form is just noty good enough and never will be it seems. This is just my opinion I apologize if this offends anyone

  9. Since this is a thread about Vekoma thought I would just place this here if not Admins please remove


    Look at this amazing looking theming and location of the Bermuda Blitz going to Silesian Amusement Park.

    - Chorzów, Poland this just looks down right awesome I looked at google earth the park does have a large body of water so everything in this concept pic could actually become a reality just wow that is gorgeous



    Pic source Vekoma Facebook page

  10. ^ They should be given at least a few years in Seasons Passes. Maybe free nights at their hotel, too.


    But as things go, somebody(s) will probably sue Knott's.


    This is the unfortunate truth. Although, I wouldn't be completely opposed to them removing Sky Cabin along with Boomerang and using that chunk of land for a new coaster!


    Yet instead it will more than likely become the spot for another Worlds Famous Knotts Planter

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