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  1. I got it! I did find it interesting that all the questions were in regards to a roller coaster and not the league dark ride. It seemed to be between Joker, Wonder Woman or Harley Quinn themed coaster. It also kept referencing a very tall coaster.


    Trex Giga themed to Joker sporting a lime green track and deep purple supports, Apocalypse rethemed to Harley Quinn, tidal wave becomes Aquaman and the entire back side of the park becomes DC Universe!!!

  2. ^Yes that's not coming off to family coasterish to me either and if it's anything like the Scandia Screamer in Ontario, Ca than it may just be more intense then Galeforce!!! I swear that's the only coaster that has truly terrified me since I've been an adult, I been to a few parks across the country have a few B&M's and Intamins under my belt but Scandia Screamer it just didn't seem right for a coaster like that to be running so batsh*t insane!!!

  3. SFMM wouldn't surprise me by clearing one of the biggest plots of land we've seen cleared at this park in years for a Dark ride in a box But I'm really hoping they are going for 20 and going big!!! I believe they struck a deal with RMC to be the first park to debut the T-rex type of coaster. RMC has stated T-rex is built for size and speed, while cutting down on cost for manufacturing and supporting the coaster also faster construction. RMC or Alan isn't afraid to go big with a prototype look at X so I hoping when it's all said and done SFMM will debut the world's first RMC T-Rex Giga maybe going by the name Titan since SF recently filed the trademark for the name again.


    It's just kinda hard to believe a park like SFMM has started work for a future project this early, torn down an entire stadium that's been there for years for nothing more than a dark ride but I guess we'll see.

  4. ^This I am truly hoping this is the case b/c right now IMO a Dragon wagon is looking more exciting than Invadr. Like SF hyping up Rings of Fire as big bad exciting coasters is lame so is the way BGW hyped this is it's just as bad. I know every coaster doesn't have to be a hyper, Giga or even over 100 feet b/c there are plenty of coasters out there proving you don't have to be the biggest to be able to run with some of the best. This thing this thing here looks like absolute crap I can not believe a company as established as GCII could release something like this and not be totally embarrassed. A company known for their twisty turning swooping sexy curves overall beautiful layouts comes with this flat dull triangled hill shallow dropping extremely short kiddy coaster. Then for it to be named something like Invadr wtf is it invading naptime

  5. Well that didn't take long to go from fast airtime filled speed demon to classic Boring and Mundane I should have known that POV vid was just too good to be true and like others were saying B&M has never let one of their coasters run wild why would they start now and from this vid you can see that they are not starting now lol


    The pacing of that second half looks absolute lame now imo I hope since this is still very early in the testing all the dials aren't set in the correct positions b/c hopefully that speed dial is turned back up a notch or two

  6. Dude, I'm all for old nostalgic rides, but Windjammer was boring, painful, and a terrible coaster, even when I was 10 years old.


    How TOGO swindled Knott's into investing in this type of crap ride is beyond me. I mean, who puts a flat turn and brake run after the loop of a ride? The racing aspect was barely cool when it worked, and overall the ride was garbage. It was like a wild mouse with a loop. And then after a couple years they didn't even race them anymore.


    I'm not FOR old coaster companies going out of business, but holy crap it's a blessing that TOGO is gone because all I've ever seen or ridden from TOGO was badly designed boring rides that would never be able to stand the test of time like B&M, Intamin, or RMC.


    Wow thanks for taking a dump in my cornflakes lol we all Windjammer was crap point blank period yet even with all of it's downfalls for some reason me, myself and I enjoyed the turd of a ride lol now would I want Windjammer resurrected hell no!!! Also all these years I thought it was supposed to be something similar to a racing wild mouse with a loop lmao

  7. Maybe it's CW's B&M Wingrider Ziz!!! with a color like that what else could it be lol


    I don't know I wouldn't get to excited just yet for this track to be shipped anywhere in the states, it seems to be if my memory is correct the first track of the season spotted at this plant always seems to be track for a park overseas. Seems the US track comes rolling out later in the year, Also with it seeming like everyday a new park is on the drawing board or under construction I would guess is this track for some park in China.


    My Third guess would be it's going to a park that's showing signs this early in the season that they may be prepping for something huge and that's SFMM with the removal of the stadium and possibly even Tidal Wave since there are pics floating around FB with all the lift equipment missing from the ride, sign of deconstruction I don't know but that would a huge chunk of available land for a Golden B&M Gigacoaster!!!

  8. Looks so bland, needs some theming or a least a few Trees out there


    None of the other coasters that are outside have any theming either...


    ...and there is a very good reason for that.


    You'll actually find that the larger coasters in the Middle East (including the bigger coasters at the upcoming IMG and DPR theme parks) don't have trees planted close to the structure.


    What is the good reason for not planting trees around the coasters?

  9. twisted How in the he double hockey sticks does RMC keep doing it??? Like other designers/manufacturers have to be looking at these Rmc's builds with the same expressions as my first two smiley's and there is no green one for jealousy/envy lol


    Is it just me or is the renderings and concept artwork being made not doing RMC coasters total justice. Yeah the concept art renderings do what they are so supposed of course build excitement sell itself. Yet once RMC starts construction you start to realize the concept art looks nothing close to the insanity of the real life product these guys are building lol didn't it use to be the other way around??? Anyways these guys are just amazing period!!!


    I may have to change my banner to "I LOVE RMC"!!! the stuff they're producing just looks amazing and the one I've been on TC I'm in

  10. Could something like Gale Force fit in Riptides Spot


    I was thinking the same thing.


    Oooooooo. Replace boomerang with it


    I wish they were as adamant about keeping the original corkscrew and parachute jump as they seem to be about keeping Boomerang, I don't think they have any plans on removing it sadly. I'd like to see it replaced with a Giant version especially since SFMM got ride of theirs and I loved Deja vu


    Also isn't Windseekers spot available? I know they can fit something Gale force in there some where damn it lol couldn't be no slower moving and lower capacity as Xcelerator!!!

  11. Definitely looking likely we are getting the first all-steel RMC.


    That's a hell of a leap to make just because they demolished a mostly unused coaster station while they already had a crew in the park demolishing other unused and useless buildings.



    I was thinking the same thing. Just because an unused building gets demolished doesn't instantly mean the park is getting a new coaster.


    When has SF ever spent money to demo something in one of their parks just for the hell of it? Like um never!!! The RMC concept was shown in a SFGADv survey, RMC started the concept has be bought, RMC comes out with new coaster type and two parks SFGADv/SFMM starts quietly deconstruction of building that's been sitting around for years unused my bad if people around here can't add things up that's obvious

  12. This is short and sweet but if true it can't be beat, it's a fast a lightning Rod but will have claws and teeth. It will howl with Banshee's and Dive with Bat's get ready Ohio a (RMC) Beast is on it's way back!!!


    So you are saying that either the Beast will be RMCidized or that there will be a new SOB. Both unlikely, as Beast is a classic and still very good. They only RMCisize coasters which are rough, dated or dull. And the SOB will not be made again, because it was so bad and has a bad reputation. Also they would have to call it Cousin Of Beast!!


    Nope not saying anything like that!!!... fast as a lightening Rod meaning an all new Launched wooden RMC just b/c it will be a beast doesn't mean it has to be named beast or have Beast anywhere in it's name, I don't care how vanilla the GP maybe, they'll know the difference between SOB and Launched RMC wooden coaster that's for damn sure.

  13. Anyways Wild Rumors you say? Does anyone like riddles...wanna play


    There this one park as sweet as it can be, there may just be a deal for one insane looking piece of candy, face down this twizzler is insane!!! and the maker of this confection has and I in it's name!!!


    A major makeover on top of a Mountain that will more define the lines of a metropolis and the home of a Black Belt, it may also include the repurposing of a dungeon housing a laughing beast, or the beast my just come down and a new hall of Justice put in it's place.


    There's a spot that sits at the bottom of hills, there use to be dives, flippers, and Bats with big cheers, yet it has sat unused now for years. until Recently things have started to Move, it's a quiet deConstruction all will be removed and once it's all gone they'll reveal something EFFING HUGE!!!


    Ok last one


    This is short and sweet but if true it can't be beat, it's a fast a lightning Rod but will have claws and teeth. It will howl with Banshee's and Dive with Bat's get ready Ohio a (RMC) Beast is on it's way back!!!

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