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  1. The projection mapping looks fabulous indeed, love the effect with the paint peeling off the wall. oh wow. i watched this video so many times and didnt even notice. I know we're all still very exited with our shiny new toy =D i'm going 3rd of august to experience it for myself! However on De Vijf Zintuigen new discussions are starting to unfold. As you may know: - The efteling has announced purchasing and using the big piece of ground on the east side of the park ( from where the Efteling hotel is all the way to the Python) and using it for new rides and accommodations. Which should have been built before 2020. (what rides' are to be expected!?) -Also; efteling has announced a new bungalow park; Loonsche Land. A bungalow park with various types of houses (from farm houses to underground lord of the ring like houses) which should maintain the natural environment the efteling has promised to keep The Loonsche Land to be. and a new hotel on the same venue which all should be done around 2017/18. - And ofcourse Efteling still promises us Hartenhof, The most expensive ride ever built at efteling (42,5 million euro's) is still up to be opened before 2020 as sources tell us. When, what, how and how soon to expect the building to begin is still unknown as Efteling does not state concrete dates. (the ride is almost as mysterious as the story). Last but not least; A new fairytale is being added to the Fairytale Forest next year(early 2016). Pinocchio will find it's place in between The Dancing Red Shoes and Little Red Riding Hood. Efteling is planning to spend 2 million euro's on the lying puppet, which will also be seen in an all new Efteling Musical production at the Efteling Theatre from September 9th. Efteling is DEFFINATELY not planning to sit back and relax. How do you feel about the things efteling has planned for us in their goal to reach the 5 million visitors PY
  2. The color of the coaster looks great, it's a color well chosen and matching the rest of the Baron themed area like the bridge, the station etc. And most of all it matches the rest of the park since it's a color that looks a lot like "Piecks Groen" (Piecks' green, named after Anton Pieck, the first designer of the Efteling who invented this color.) So it's a custom track color made to fit right into the rest of the park. Besides that it won't be that noticable between the trees and greenery, if you compare it to the white Gardaland track
  3. sure. it's not just thrill. i'm not claiming it is. and no kids don't bring in the money. but i can't remember my parents dragging me to an amusement park me and my brother didn't want to go to. parents bring in the money, but the kids decide where. and you keep looking at the present. Efteling is one of the nr 1 parks NOW, you have to look forward to keep that position. but we could keep this going back and forth. let's just call it an impasse.
  4. The restaurant is opened for public already. pictures can be found on here: http://www.eftelist.nl/a_hhpolleskeuken.html This should give you an impression about what theme the Darkride should look like. it's very unique, and a mix of lots of styles. of course the restaurant is only suggesting the "royal kitchen". It's not confirmed by Efteling but building drawings, the delay of the project (twice), and rumours imply that it's most likely to be a pandora's box transport system. The drawing pictures of the ride show a wide range on the track and looking at the height of the building and the fact the ride has only one level should mean that it the transport system that covers a large height difference. so that should leave "Pandora's Box" as only option. Efteling delayed the project twice (may 31th 2012 -> may 31th 2013) and (may 31th 2013 -> 2015). Due to the fact the project got more complicated and kept expanding. that's all what Efteling had to say about the delay, keeping us in the dark. and for Trubolaaf, try seeing it this way: You're 32, you may or may not have small children who enjoy Efteling right now. but maybe in 10 years they think the Efteling is dull because it doesn't offer what they want. and that's not the kind of image Efteling would like to have if they want to cover 5 million visitors a year in 2020. they need to be attractive to most groups of society, and also teenagers and people in their early twenties. Efteling has rides for small children, all-around rides and some light thrills. but they won't attract whole families. A teenager has quite a voice in a family where other family members may listen to. Other parks have family rides too, but also a wider range of thrills. so families with teenagers are most likely to go to an park that offers it all. looking at it in your view(nostalgic, etc) that's a good thing. looking at it in an organisation way(financially, business plan, expansion plans) , you're going bankrupt. "I have to change, to stay the same"(Willem De Koning)
  5. haha that sure is true. The pirate ship is worlds biggest and the tea cups are great so you could consider them to be a thrill ride. and i actually felt sick after riding the Carousel inside Carousel Palace. Efteling will built something like Talocan and Mystery Tower someday.
  6. I do think Efteling could use a thrill ride, but not in the big proportion we may thing of. Indeed a small, themed thrill ride can do the trick, A big tall coaster just doesn't fit in the park. Think of something like Talocan ( ) or Mystery Castle ( ) perfect for theming, they won't take in too much space and can give that extra thrill for those who seek it. Efteling is investing in smaller children like toddlers and rug rats but a few years ago they were investing on adults... George and the Dragon, Ravelin(more all around), Flying Dutchman. Efteling is more focussing on redoing and renovating of current rides the last +- 5 years: They redid the queue for VogelRok. Gave the exterior of PiraƱa, Dreamflight and Fata Morgana an facelift Redid the Anton Pieck Square ,rides and buildings. Renewed the Python trains Redid the Ton Van Der Ven square (also for the big flow out of Ravelin) it may not seem a lot but these things require a big budget and planning. Efteling is constantly investing, so i didn't really get what Larrygator meant : first of all the efteling is spending MILLIONS of euro's each year on investments, 42.5 mil. for Court of Hearts(2015), 17 mil. for Aquanura(2012). and small investments (wether or not necessary). so Efteling shouldn't be too worried about money. second of all: Efteling has a great financial team which figure out the "Return on Investment" before plans become permanent. If something wouldn't be worthwhile Efteling simply doesn't invest in it. There are lots of examples of Efteling plans that were cancelled. and last but not least, Efteling will remain a family theme park. and what RTC3Bross said: is true. they have to keep their target group broad. A family doesn't just excists out of mom dad and small children. when those children grow up they should come back to Efteling because it has rides to offer to them too. So when mom and dad go with their teenage kids, they might aswell spend a day at efteling, buying food, gifts etc. (maybe less then families with small children but still) it will add to the visitor numbers
  7. Hey, this is my first post on this forum, and i've read the Efteling Thread tonight. I'd like to say that i like the Efteling a lot. People compare Disney and Efteling alot, which on one side is okay, but on the other sides these parks are not comparable. Efteling has grown over the last 60 years from a leisure park with soccer fields and some slides and swings to what it is today. So there was no big plan before construction happened when talking about layout, themes etc like Disney Paris, which basicaly was copy pasted from Magic Kingdom Fl. I think that's part of Eftelings magic, the fact that it isn't all planned, the fact you can just have a walk through the park's magnificent flora without constant themes being thrown at you. The Efteling claims to be "keeper of the fairy tales" and i think they succeeded in that since their fairytale forest is based on the original Grimm bros. and Hans Christian Anderson fairy tales instead of being completely social acceptable and lawsuit proof. YES the little mermaid is topless, you'd really think she would attract a prince by being prude and wear a clam bra? plus fairy tales aren't all about happiness. Girl with the Matchsticks is a perfect example. The little girl dies, but the story has a moral to it. Just like fairy tales were intended to be. Don't get me wrong, i'm not trying to be negative about Disney, i'm just saying it's not comparable. Besides, i'm a fan of thrill rides, but Efteling has a statement to not involve into the big race of the biggest, the highest and the fastest. I think it's a good thing the keep to their position of being unique and stay to their core: keeper of the fairy tales and world of wonders. Efteling invests millions to keep crowds interested, but it's like going to a store: you don't like what they've got? try somewhere else.
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