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  1. First test run from the official twitter!

    Looks more sanely paced overall than the original raptors, but the first drop looks like it could fire the back row into space if the restraints weren't there! 😛

    I wonder how different the front and back rows will be with 10 cars? It's no comparison, but adding two cars to Olympia Looping drastically changes the ride, so this is similar.

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  2. I have no horse in this, I'm probably never going to get over to ride it, I just thought it was an interesting comparison!

    I originally tried it with the first POVs with the original front car and it was a massive difference in speed, so that would have been even less fair 😛

    If you line up the big drops, the old one gains speed faster and hits the brakes before the new one reaches the bottom of the big final turn, so it's going to be fun watching it regain that speed as it warms up!

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  3. I made a side-by-side comparison of the new POV with a previous one filmed in the same position by the same team.


    New on the left, old on the right.

    New one seems a lot slower over the top and first drop, and generally through the layout? Obviously some of that is gonna be because it's new and cold, but it's still a fair difference to make up! The old video is 30 seconds shorter, and some of that will be fluff like station and credits faff, but it's still big gap?

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  4. 3 hours ago, Garet said:

    I've probably been the most negative one on this board at the Mario Kart ride, but even I'm not going to judge an AR ride until I've rode it. I think it's one of those rides where a POV just can't accurately convey what you are seeing.

    For sure, I was trying to avoid making any judgements about the experience as whole and just focus on what's there and what you can see in the POV. :) I just mentioned dividing opinions because I know some people were expecting a coaster of some kind rather than a tracked dark ride, and they're probably gonna be a bit miffed 😛  

  5. The mario kart ride is certainly going to divide opinions! 









    From watching the POV it's certainly less coaster and more physical sets than I was expecting! I was surprised at how much stuff they'd actually made real, I was assuming the AR would be carrying a lot and leaning more towards VR but it's really well integrated with the sets. You could easily ride this without the glasses and still have a passable experience no worse than some regional dark rides 🤣 The Magikoopa corridor is a favourite, although the AR kinda masks a lot of it!

    It's slower than I thought, but the projections and AR will certainly make it seem a lot faster than it really is. The projections are well done and, aside from the obvious screens, fairly subtle. The rainbow road floor looks particularly swish and I adore the way the winner glides almost seamlessly between the AR glasses and the projection screen beyond at the end of the ride.

    Got to say that going for a tracked ride based on mario kart seems an odd choice given the trackless masterpieces we've seen elsewhere?











    Overall the area looks really nice, the powerbands are a really interesting idea especially with locations all round the area to collect points.


  6. ...Yes, and for now they are only selling bundles of hotel room plus a 2-day-ticket, breakfast, three-course dinner and a F.L.Y. fast pass.


    Sounds like a good deal to me. Cost? I know my Euros.


    Yours for the bargain basement price of €400 during the week, €449 at the weekend!


    I've seen on a German fan forum that these packages are only temporary and you'll be able to just book a room and tickets in the near future

  7. This looks so cool! Also, I totally though the Hotel was fake, and just provided the theming for F.L.Y... but it is actually a real hotel, of some sort according to their website. Seems like it might be a boutique hotel, with a very small number of rooms.


    It only has 3 fewer rooms than Matamba! There are rooms on both sides of both pieces of track in that picture, and more on the back side of the right tower!


    There's a bar that's exclusively for guests of that hotel plus there's an exclusive entrance to the ride attached to the hotel, so they've really gone all out to tie the whole area together.


    You can see how big the rooms are in this picture from the website:ga-kabine-02.jpg

  8. $1 to skip to the front of the line? OK. $20 is 20 rides a day... That's insanely low. I'd even gladly shell out $5/ride, but $1 seems crazy. Every season pass hold would bring a crisp $10 bill on each visit.


    I'd guess that they mean you still have to wait in the virtual queue, but when your time comes round, you can be first in queue for that slot, rather than the usual fastpass skip the whole waiting period idea

  9. I found in previous visits, "it was what it was", and who knows if things would eventually be changed?

    Apparently it was a bit of a while, but things seemed to have (now) been altered, for the best. Yay!


    And all it really is, is removing buck teeth from Asian characters, and everything is alright, now?



    Also, the African characters aren't literally monkeys anymore, which is good

  10. This is quite strange indeed, taking in mind that the Dutch government has been announcing measures that apply to households and not families, which makes way more sense.

    They do mention that you're supposed to come with your own household, but then they turn it around and say "no composite families". To me, that comes across that a traditional family unit is okay, but several unrelated roommates living in the same house or apartment is not.


    I read it as the people that normally live in the same house are fine, but meeting up with your aunts or cousins from the next town over isn't OK.

  11. Chessington World of Adventures opened yesterday for annual passholder preview day. The UK is maybe a week behind Spain in terms of the outbreak and cases are accelerating quickly. Almost all large events have cancelled and I'm surprised Chessington opened.


    This could last until 2021 with cases peaking in 10 weeks, dipping a bit during summer and then increasing again next winter. The impact this will have could be enormous. If this is right, I'm not sure how even events like Winter Wonderland in London can go ahead.


    Very odd about Chessington opening. I read a lot of British news sites to try and avoid all my info coming from US media and it seems like you guys are about to get pretty bad over there!


    I've seen that it could be an insurance thing because the Government hasn't explicitly said places need to close, so if they close unilaterally they might not be covered by their insurance for losses.


    Blackpool Pleasure Beach also opened this last weekend and Flamingo Land's zoo has been open this whole time and they are re-assuring people that when the main park re-opens they will disinfecting all rides between cycles.

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