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  1. Thank you both so much That is just the type of information I was after! BGW it is then for this trip. Next time I am on my own visiting, I will take a trip to KD as there are a few coasters there I would love to try. We are planning on visiting next Wednesday, but I am guessing that most Kids have finished school now, so any day will be busy. thanks again Jon
  2. Hi There Sorry if this is in the wrong place. I am visiting my cousin in Richmond next week with my kids (5 & 7). His kids are 4 & 6 so we thought we would plan a trip to a theme park. I have been to both parks, admittedly many years ago, but can't remember which is better suited to younger children. From looking at the websites it would appear that BG is still a nicer looking park, however there doesn't appear to be as many rides for the kids, is this the case or are they just not advertising them on there? I can't speak for his kids, but mine are probably on the more timid side when it comes to rides. The kiddie coaster is fine, but a Log Flume for example would be too much for them. We visited BG Tampa earlier this year, and they loved it. The Sesame Street area in particular was very popular with them. Thanks for looking, and any advice Jon
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