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  1. I'm not out to convince anyone who has drank the kool-aid. Either that or BG has an army of fake posters ready to attempt a smear of anyone critical of their management. I posted with the genuine intention of helping others making a decision to visit the parks, given our unfortunate experience. For those who take that information and project characterizations of bitterness, BS---says more about your mindset than mine. If you read just what I wrote, the central point is that the slide caused a significant injury, I asked for a refund, the company refused. Maybe it would have been better to leave out the other details as many of you latched onto those instead of the point that prompted me to post. (Funny how the word lawyer or attorney fires off people in various non-sequitur directions.) Anyway, I regret if my post stirred more confusion than clarity and if you go to the parks I hope you'll have a great, injury-free time. One thing you might be alert to--check the backs of people around Vanish Point for scrapes. My daughter told me on our drive away from the park that she had seen scrapes on the back of another person at the slide, in the very same location of the back as mine. That's when it dawned on us that the slide was causing injury. Again, it was the only slide we got on the entire visit to the park.
  2. Purchased 3 Discovery tickets for BG/Water Country. This was our 3rd or 4th visit, previous visits very enjoyable. This year was a big disappointment, mostly due to the response from BG management when I called. Main complaint is that the new Water Country slide, Vanish Point, injured me. It caused a bleeding scrape on my back. This was especially unfortunate because it required that I stay out of the water, a big bummer since we headed to the beach just after BG. When I called BG to let them know my experience, the first person I spoke to was very attentive and sympathetic. She stated she would call me back the following day after looking into the problem with Vanish Point. After 2 days and no call, I called BG again, at which point I was passed off to one layer after another of management. All I got from these individuals were empty sounding "we apologize" and offers of return tickets to the park. I posed the question to them: what would be the appropriate way to respond when someone does them the favor of alerting them of an injury causing problem with their slide and also points out numerous other problems with WC and BG? If I had a miserable time and even got injured, would it be sane to return and be satisfied with "free" tickets? I asked them, at minimum, to reimburse the ticket costs. They refused. Furthermore, they kept calling me to discuss the incident and then just kept repeating the same empty apology and offer of more tickets. It was really extremely annoying and prompted posting of this review. Frankly, I think I could take the photo of the nasty scrape on my back to an attorney and force BG to do the right thing but I don't want to take the time and mix my mind with these misguided individuals any further. My response, as I told them, is to post this review for others to consider before deciding on a trip to BG/WC. The stingy minded, misguided decisions of corporate management never cease to amaze and it was in full bloom in this incident. Other problems we experienced: There were way too many people at WC. Management should limit the number of persons in the park. We would have much preferred to be turned away rather than experience the elbow room only environment and long waits. During our time there, we waited in line only to be told the slide would have to close due to unexplained cause or (distant) thunder. The one and only slide we got on, after a very long wait, was Vanish Point, and this caused the injury. At BG, the company's literature certainly gave the impression Mach Tower was open, yet it was not. There were malfunctions that caused long waiting or giving up at Apollo's Chariot and Europe in the Air. Bottom line: BG/WC tickets are expensive and we felt extremely unsatisfied with what the parks provided. Management response only increased the feeling of dissatisfaction. I won't support this kind of company with my patronage and hope this posting helps others avoid the kind of experience we had.
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