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  1. On top of all the above:

    Slide Wear and Tear

    Clothing rules


    I've heard it's also a safety issue as the shoes have much more traction than skin does. Best way to explain this is think about if rubber were to hit a dry spot of the slide. You would potentially lock your legs and sprain/break them.

  2. What records do you think they will try to break for a wood / hybrid coaster?


    The obvious of speed, inversions and height, but I'm thinking they could go completely left field with this one like most combined air time or most drops in general. Would be cool to see a RCT style woodie with a ton of hills that never seems to end.

  3. Drachen Fire - Secretly wishing that B&M would re-create this monster as it was originally planned. BGW was somewhat of a let down when I finally got the chance to visit, as this guy was not still standing...

    Viper (SFMM) - Say what you will about the roughness, but this coaster's layout is perfection


    Hulk - Twisty Goodness

    Jet Star II's - I've got a sucker for these classics.

  4. The Roller Coaster is such a gem for Utah and Lagoon. It's by far my favorite coaster in the park. Lagoon has such a vast history and love where they are taking things concerning the upgrades and ride development. I want to add that when the greenery is grown in during the summer on Rattle Snake Rapids, I think that it is truly one of the best rapids rides out there concerning pacing, rapids and hidden gadgets/waterfalls.


    Also, going off the ride tangent I will say that coasters in the rain are pure bliss (unless the thing is a speed demon then it just hurts). I was fortunate to ride The Beast and The Voyage dry and wet. I'd take wet any day!


    Great TR, BTW. Thanks for sharing your experience and the photos!

  5. This coaster is all sorts of WOW. Looks to be the perfect blend of The Voyage and Outlaw Run! And just like, The Voyage the coaster seems to pack some heat and pick up speed as the layout evolves.


    With that said, I don't think this is the "game changer" I was expecting once the teaser was released. Don't know what it's missing. It's unique, but definitely not a game changer... Wildfire is nothing we haven't seen before. Maybe it's just me, but I do hope that RMC's continues to up the ante and keep these things rolling out. As someone mentioned in this thread, they have made a name for themselves and it's safe to say that they have entered the iconic realm of the amusement industry.

  6. Hello,


    I have been a lurker on this board for several years and am just beginning to post regularly. Hope to go on a coaster tour sometime soon!


    I know we have a few movie fans on this site and Halloween is around the corner, so I thought I'd share with you a teaser trailer for a horror film I wrote and produced last weekend. So far the response has been overwhelming and it is the first film where I feel proud of my accomplishments. Thoughts and comments are much appreciated. Looking forward to sharing the final cut! Enjoy.


    Also, if you like what you see please like the following page: facebook.com/mr.bixby for some funny remarks from the demonic doll.


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