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  1. So I'm kinda new to the roller coaster tycoon scene, and I know some of you are pros. So I was wondering, what do you think of my coaster? I'm always looking at ways to get better.




    The soul reaper is a 10 inversion monster LIM launched coaster flying by at 65 mph. It loops under itself over and over again in the most white knuckled, stomach destroying, brain splattering 55 seconds of your life. That's right, upside down 10 times in 55 seconds. That's an inversion every 5 seconds.


    Enjoy your ride on soul reaper.


    (built with soaked and wild)


    I know I didn't do any scenery but I suck at it. Create your own and it will definetly be better then mine.


    Here's a photo: http://games.rollercoasterpro.com/index.php?act=file&fid=154

    [LIMLaunched]The Soul Reaper.trk

    Teh ride.

  2. I agree that this is standard for new consoles. N64 over heated like crazy, PS1 had quite a few problems, PS2 had the disc read error, and the Xbox had the crazy burning cables of death.


    But come on! It's been so long could you at least get it right for once? Ugh whatever. The Gamecube didn't have much (any) problems so I'm hoping the revy follows suit.

  3. I rode thunder hawk at geagua lake during the summer and it was a great ride! Very smooth, no head banging I thought it was a ton of fun!


    I know it couldn't have just been the seat I was sitting in because I rode later on in a different seat and it was still very smooth!


    That's the only SLC I've ever been on so I'm not an expert but...

  4. All I have to say to the people's who Xbox 360s keep crashing is...


    HA HA!! You camped out all night and payed 400 bucks and that hunk of junk doesn't even $%*ing work!!! Sucks for you!!! HAHAHAH!!!


    (well, what did you expect? It's a microsoft of course it's not gonna work)


    Man, video games cost to much. Xbox 360 is 400 bucks. PS3 is gonna be at least that much if not the 500 bucks some people are saying. Hopefully the revolution will be cheap enough to buy.


    And games are gonna be 60 bucks now? God damn, I'm gonna have to find a new hobbie...

  5. Telemarketers. They freakin' call constantly, and a lot of times at dinner. NOBODY IS GONNA BUY YOUR PRODUCT. STOP CALLING!!!


    Messing with them on the other hand is one of the best guilty pleasures ever.


    Me: Hello?

    TM: Is Mr. Goshimaken... flobbengobber there?

    Me: What? I didn't catch that?

    TM: Mr. Gobennsrockage

    Me: I still can't understand you.


    Me: Oh... him. I'll go get him.


    ... (5 minutes go by) ...


    Me: Hold on, I'm still looking for him.


    They'll get the idea that your not going to take thier, "survey".

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