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  1. Thought I might just do a small update for those interested in Movie World's Fright Night and haven't been keeping up with the Australian updates.


    Movie World's Fright Night (Halloween Event) begins Saturday night. This year the main theme is based around the "Ringmaster" who commands the dead, the demons and the psychopaths. 4 mazes again this year, Walking Dead, Evil Dead, Hill Billy Slasher 2 and The Darkness. The ad for fright night is here: http://vimeo.com/75456927 -- follows the whole thing they're pushing this year that the "Ringmaster will lock you in".


    Two new shows, Space Cowboy and Carnevil, no details have really been released on these yet.


    These events are pretty popular with this year being the most popular yet so it's going to be exciting to see how it goes (assuming all well).

  2. Oh, so yeah, uhm, finally got my WiFi working.


    If anyone wants to come visit my town (it has a perfect rating with Jacob's Ladders now growing), then my friend code is 1160-9740-8274. Let me know if you're visiting me and I'll register your FC before you come.


    I also have the complete rococo, astro and modern wood furniture series if anyone would like to catalog. Silver tools available too if anyone would like them (I've got gold tools now).

  3. Has anyone been on this forum? It's where people organize to trade items on AC, meet up, trade fruits, etc.


    I'd be happy to WiFi with some people on Saturday to trade fruits. I have a friend in Japan who has all of the fruits:

    Apple, oranges, pears, peaches, coconuts, cherries, persimmons, durians, bananas, lemons, lychees and mangos.


    Seeing as I get the game on Friday US Time, I will WiFi on Friday and get some trees set up to trade fruit. I'll give you all my FC to setup a trade then.

  4. Ok, so I'm not a graphic designer or a web developer, but I may as well make an entry. I'm trying the idea of a grungy-grey background rather than the complete black. I know that the whole site is meant to match, but, it's worth a look at the different background colour. If not, I'll just try complete black.


    Needless to say, menus are drop-down and this is only the beginning of my design (I still have video feeds, 'What's Hot' and a few other things to go).



    I also tried to add a bit of colour through the strokes & outer glow around some of the items. The slideshow would be dedicated to updates only (Jaws, IAPPA, etc.) whereas the 'Latest' and 'What's Hot' (soon to be added) will be all articles.

  5. I like Angry_Gumball's design the best so far, but I think the gradients on the side need to go, and perhaps instead of a pure black background, perhaps a grungy dark grey? I think the black/dark colour suits TPR for a background, but it also contributes to making to look 'outdated', sort of like Windows XP. No offence intended to Robb or any of the designers of the current front page (but it is very very old. )


    Just my 2 bob.

  6. I've ridden it a few times now. It's a good ride. They've fixed a couple of problems from the earlier soft openings, such as the volume of the on-board audio and the mist is now on in the queue line.


    Movie World have also posted some photos of the queue line on their Facebook:


    There's a few sensors in the queue line to set off audio effects as you walk through. For example all the 'good guys' in this part of the queue recite the Green Lantern oath when you get to a certain point. Then when you walk through this, Parallax says 'Give in to your fearrrrrrrr....'


    Movie World have also added a giant logo to the structure which lights up VERY brightly, especially at night.

  7. What I dont get is that Wild West Falls is about the same cost as a B&M.

    For example, a dive coaster like Griffon at BGW cost about $16,000,000 (with the exchange rate thats even less in AUD) while Wild West Falls cost $18,000,000. That would be an amazing addition to Movie World, though Im not sure theyd have space.


    Don't forget, back in 1999 AUD to USD exchange rate was low. 1 AUD bought approx 63 US cents (Source: http://www.x-rates.com/d/AUD/USD/hist1999.html). This would put the price of Wild West Falls at approx $11.4 mill US. Don't forget, Wild West (IMO) is an pretty amazing ride with good themeing. That's better than a standard B&M.

  8. Work's been going on. Here's some photos.


    From Movie World's Facebook: (Obviously that final turn isn't in this photo)



    Theming has begun:




    Just really like this photo. Makes it look like a crazy marble-track:


    By Chris Mason.


    Currently the park wants to have it open for the White Christmas events (it's advertised as being open for them) and they begin on the 10th of December. Hopefully all will go to plan and this will be achieved.


    Also, they had green lights on it at the last Fright Night. Looked really cool with the lights. Next time I'm at Movie World (probably not for a couple of weeks from now) I'll grab some shots.


    Can't wait to ride it.

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