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  1. I apologize for bumping this thread but...Death Train. And to top from what I have seen it's the only remaining Schwarzkopf Katapult operating (unless some are on the traveling circuit).


    Why on earth would you name something Death Train? Like, I get it; there are zillions of coasters out there that are named after things/animals/phenomena that can kill us but explicitly naming it "Death Train" seems like poor taste. At least rename Manhattan Express to Pain Train because that would make sense!



    Joker: Okayyyy...Joker's what exactly? Oh it's just called Joker? Not Joker's Jinx, Joker's Revenge, or even Joker: The Ride? Not even The Joker? Six Flags, please, you're killing me!


    Colossus: The Fire Dragon: Great ride at (from what I heard) a really great park but I feel like the name came from a disagreement where one person wanted "Colossus" and the other "Fire Dragon."


    Beaver Land Mine Ride sounds like a 1970s adult movie.


    Let's be honest... Most Japanese coaster names are the most mind numbingly stupid combination of words!

    Something like: "Super Happy Fun Thrill Coaster " Well, you get my point.

    Well High Speed Thrill Coaster was a thing

  2. Manhattan Express in 2003. Hands down the worst ride I have ever been on. Adding insult to injury that it was $13 even back then. It really is every bit of bad that TPR video shows. I showed that whole video to my family a few years after we rode it, and we couldn't stop laughing because we all felt the EXACT same way.

    I'm assuming that was with the old TOGO trains?


    And for those who have ridden it recently, how do the new(er) trains compare?

  3. I forgot to mention Helix. Beautiful coaster and it looks very fun from the POVs, but the name sucks. It's like naming a ride "Vertical Loop", "Airtime Hill", or everyone's favorite, Corkscrew.


    At least it has a helix.

    This name is not about that element, referring to the element is a bonus. I think Helix is a very good name, sounds so high-tech.

    Agree to disagree. I personally think it's unoriginal and sounds like Liseberg ran out of names for rides.


    At least it isn't Dark Ride like these three coasters:




  4. Just more bad luck for amusement parks this year:


    Fire at Great America

    Fires at Kings Island

    Ninja derailing

    Colossus fire

    Cedar Point water main debacle

    Skyhawk cable snap

    Fire at Six Flags Mexico

    Grona Lund death

    and so on...

    What happened at Gröna Lund?

    Unless I'm mistaken, I think he meant the incident at Terra Mitica which forced all ZacSpins to be closed temporarily.

  5. Dorney deserves so much better than Mantis. They ripped out Laser, added a relocated impulse, neutered Thunderhawk and have (IMO) 2 of the worst hyper and floorless coasters around. With 3 other CF parks adding gigas the last 5 years, and KI getting the biggest invert in the world, they could do better than a 20y.o CP castaway.

    Here's what's interesting....


    Six Flags Astroworld:

    Batman The Escape - relocated from Six Flags Great Adventure

    Mayan Mindbender - relocated from Boblo Island

    Texas Tornado - relocated from the fair circuit

    Ultra Twister - relocated from Six Flags Great Adventure

    Viper - relocated from Six Flags St. Louis


    For years, people HATED and COMPLAINED that all they ever got was relocated crap from other parks... that is until they announced the park was going to close and then all those rides were cherished and beloved to everyone because they were about to be lost forever.


    Moral of the story? If Dorney Park ends up with Mantis, at least you didn't end up with Serial Thriller!!!!


    So shut up and quit your annoying complaining!!!!


    --Robb "I don't think the Six Flags America people complained this much when they actually got Iron Wolf!" Alvey


    Unless Dorney is in fear of closing the dry side, I don't think it's accurate comparing it to a defunct park that may not be defunct if their collection wasn't an array of dated hand-me-downs. Mantis might spike the attendance numbers for a year, but it is not the type of quality attraction that will keep people coming back.


    After 10 years of no new coaster additions, it'd be disappointing if that's what they came up with. To me, it'd be better suited at a park like KD or CW, to bolster already solid lineups that have seen major additions the last few years, with something new and custom going to parks like Dorney and Knott's.


    With all that said, it's a coaster, and I'll still be visiting next year. But, I was hoping more for Dorney's next addition than a 3rd straight hand-me-down, even if it meant a couple more years of nothing.

    KD already has a stand-up coaster, and while Skyrider at CW is closing I don't think Shockwave will for a few more years. As for CW, I don't know. It would seem odd to close down a stand-up and then receive another stand-up.

  6. Great names that are overused:

    Goliath: Great name for a ride but it is so overused. It really should be kept for rides at least above 250 feet, to which there is only one.

    Viper: I know vipers are pretty fearsome snakes and the the word makes a great name for a ride, but alas it has been used too many times. There are other dangerous snakes out there.


    Generic names (how awkward) :

    Roller Coaster: It's fine for older coasters (since usually the rides named Roller Coaster were either the first or in some cases only coaster in the park), but not when it's a new ride. The worst offense goes to what was then known as Manhattan Express, which I thought was a clever name.

    Flight Deck: Of all the Cedar Fair renames of the Paramount rides, this one is/was probably the worst. Dominator actually sounds cool (and possibly a better name than Batman: Knight Flight), and Afterburn goes better with the fighter jet theme from the Top Gun movies the rides had. Flight Deck just sounds so bland.

    Ride of Steel: I liked the original Superman: Ride of Steel name for the 3 coasters (4, if you count the Spanish name). It was a witty take on Superman's title "The Man of Steel." When Darien Lake was offloaded from Six Flags the Superman part was dropped from the ride. Could they not rename the ride to something? At least Predator wasn't renamed "Ride of Wood."

    Big One: What's the biggest coaster at Blackpool?


    Coasters that share the model name of the ride:

    Yes, that means Boomerang, Wacky Worm, Big Apple, Zyklon, Wildcat, Wild Mouse, etc. The worst is Suspended Looping Coaster, especially if it's one of the Chinese knock-offs (though that said from what I have seen most Chinese knock-off coasters use the model name for the actual ride name), or one of my least favorites, Boomerang: Coast to Coaster. Ugh.


    Rides that have the height in the name:

    Intimidator is a great name for a ride, and while I can understand putting the heights at the end of that name to differentiate the two coasters, why is Fury Fury 325? Like Intimidator, Fury is an excellent name for the ride and for now there's only one Fury built.


    Just plain bad names:

    Sooperdooperlooper: I know it was the first vertical looping coaster in the eastern part of the US but the name is just so...dorky.

    Rita: What's next, "Tamara?" "Jason?" "Elizabeth?"

    Coastrider: Really any pun on "roller coaster" can apply here

    Smiler: Sounds like something for a kiddy ride, though in that sense it works well in an oddly twisted way. Kinda makes me want to see a hyper coaster named Wacky Worm.


    All that said there are plenty of great names for rides.

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