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  1. The subject of Zamperla's lower price for TT2 needs to be considered to scale.  The difference is surely multiple millions. I heard B&M's proposal was to tear it down and build something else and Intamin's could have been also -- Red Force 2? I doubt many others would want to modify an existing ride. There are also certain cost thresholds such as the original cost of TTD, preferably not adjusted to inflation. It seems a good guess that would exclude Intamin. Zamperla could be costing them that much.

    I think reusing that top hat gives Zamperla a huge break. There is nothing complex about the new trackwork. The launch design is extremely conservative.

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  2. It seems so stupid to not be able to afford a theme park because the area is too rich. Losing a park reduces the land value -- not enough to affect the property sold, but it doesn't seem far-fetched that lost property value could total $155M and lost tourism etc. another $155M in the next 5-10 years. However they could find another place for a park or turn one of their smaller parks into a more serious one.


  3. On 4/17/2022 at 4:44 PM, rachelmadcow said:

    I mean who is paying 15 dollars for a PE plate that everyone knows is only 9 dollars at the strip mall PE down the street. The CEO realizes that nobody is that dumb and the guests would rather not eat. 

    Versus paying $15 for food that's $5 down the street, that's pretty good. Panda express at KD was always open and busy, but their in-house replacement is around as busy, and they probably make more off it.

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  4. On 4/25/2022 at 1:00 PM, Jellowithdacoastercredit said:

    If I am not mistaken,its a year round park so...I can handle waits and afford a flash pass.......

    Plus isnt texas 99% sunny during the summer (Been there before)

    A regular April to Oct. season is enough time for plenty of highs and lows. At any rate, the most crowded day of the entire year is probably in your date range, along with some days that maybe aren't close. But you knew that. I think most people have a good idea what days are good and bad, the underestimation is how much different it can be, both in person counts and the effect.

    True though, the Fourth may not kick off an entire crowded month there.

  5. I don't think he was that overweight. That he was big and only 14 makes it worse, but otherwise he was comparable to myself or many others here. 

    Fact is, there is a whole segment of the population that is big here or there or everywhere but still active enough to want to ride. The subject of height restrictions has recently come back up. I'm not sure there's a solution because if increasing the limits also increases the minimum size, more willing riders will be excluded than gained. But it may be closer to an even tradeoff than (actual) designers realize. The seats and restraints of the Freefall look to me to emphasize freedom and comfort over range.   

    About the only ride that even has restraints I know would have accommodated him comfortably is Avalanche/Reptilian. Once I rode it and a huge biker yelled joyously and surprisingly unselfconsciously "finally something I can ride!" 

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  6. Also from the Newsweek article, ""ICON Park formally notified the owner of the Orlando FreeFall, the SlingShot Group, demanding suspension not only of the operation of Orlando FreeFall but also the operation of Orlando SlingShot, effective immediately, until the attractions are proven to be safe by authorities," the statement read."

    Unless the restraint slipped, broke or bent, it seems to me the gap was still sort of small. To be forced through by the brake, he would have had to be repositioned forward such as by panic during the drop, or maybe passing out limp or leg momentum.

  7. Both Hurlers was neutered in 2010 (Intimidators added) except for a brief period when the trims were turned off in Carolina after retracking. Before that it was a good but not great, and frequently rough coaster. It did look great in 2019, with lots of new wood and nice trains, but they've got to let it fly free and pay the cost -- at least they don't have other woodies to maintain. It could still be reprofiled to be a lot better.

  8. On 3/11/2022 at 7:42 PM, BPNJENSEN said:

    Whoops - my bad - it appears way down the list, far below Boulderdash, which it just beats in the wood only category.  I fear I do not understand how this can mathematically occur.  

    I really don't think this has been explained. I didn't create the program but will give it a go. An example:

    Person 1 rates El Toro #1, followed by 3 steel coasters and then Phoenix.
    Person 2 rates Phoenix #1, followed by one wood coaster that no one else likes and then Toro.

    In overall rankings, El Toro would beat Phoenix because the 3 steel coaster spread is larger than that one wood coaster. But in wood rankings, Phoenix wins because the steel coasters cease to exist. This is a simplification at best, but shows a system it could happen. If you pull out the woodies from the overall list, you get a result based on how people rate them relative to all coasters. However the actual woodie list assumes the order in peoples' rankings wouldn't change, but pulls out the steelies in advance and reruns the program from scratch. May seem flawed but it is more a true woodies list then.

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  9. 4 hours ago, Zand said:

    I can't imagine leaving Busch Gardens Williamsburg and thinking "I don't want their food, employees, or operating procedures at Kings Dominion."

    I'd love to hear an elaboration on this because I'm genuinely curious.

    There is now a widespread opinion and evidence that Busch is getting worse and Cedar Fair getting better. For example, CF's new coasters are well themed, Seaworld's is relatively lacking -- although they built more, and are finally opening them. Food at BG has become inconsistent, KD's opening another reimagined restaurant. Whether CF has caught up or not, that's the trend. 

    The merger would decrease competition and probably involves increased total debt. Rich guys getting richer., card houses reaching higher. 

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  10. Continuing payment makes it harder to raise prices. I don't know if they still offer(ed) a better price if you try to end your Membership -- I halved my payment back in 2015 and may never end it -- but now they can just threaten loss of legacy status and a price increase.

    I actually tried to spend a little at SFA for a while in 2020, but had trouble finding anything I wanted, or didn't want to wait in line.  


  11. On a Sunday morning, getting off the highway by 11 AM, KD to SFA is easy. I would prefer going mid to late afternoon depending on hours, but this will be stressful at the least. A late return is usually fine.  Weekdays are more complicated.

    I caution against any park visit on a Saturday, but I can see wanting a day off. If you have season's pass, maybe get out of there and take it easy middle of the day, go back at night and stay until close, and rope drop it for a awhile, or close it again, Sunday.   

    Richmond does have historical home tours and the like. The James River and Bell's Island is no Niagara., but is a good outing, and much better for kayaking.   

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