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  1. Am I the only one that doesn't have stand-up leg problems? I rode Mantis trimless...loved it, and no leg problems. Wimps.


    I love stand-ups and have no problems with Riddler's or my legs on Mantis. It's the headrests that irked me on Mantis. They hurt to "put your head back against the headrest." I have kind of a lumpy head in the back :/

  2. I know from working at Knott's, you would generally need between two and (up to) 7 people per coaster. Zoom used only two, a dispatcher and a secondary. Pony had a dispatcher, secondary, and unload, Bullet had a minimum of a dispatcher and 4 checking, 6 on a busy night. Part of the reason for such a ride as Zoom is we had to keep our hand over the e-stop the whole time, just in case. And for all the coasters, you needed a dispatcher in the booth at all times, for the same reason. And then you always had at least one other operator on dock as a secondary, again, so the ride can be e-stopped or dispatched via two people. All kinds of stuff.


    Looking at Knott's, it seems it's a combo safety thing and efficiency thing. Before you start blasting me, I'm not saying the crews were fast, but with all the requirements to send a train out, the set-up was ideal for maximum efficiency. This could be seen on a busy Haunt night when the crews understood they actually needed to *dare I say it* work their asses off.

  3. First off, this guy is sick. Purely sick


    But past that, the coaster looks incredibly boring. If I'm going to have a coaster kill me, I'd want the layout to be fun at least. A super huge drop with a whole bunch of vertical loops, each getting smaller? Meh. Just bring back Geauga Lake's Double Loop. Almost same effect, except you get to walk away from that coaster... with just a massive heache

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