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  1. Hello! I'm currently finishing a radiodocumentary about roller coasters for school, including an interview with Robb and Elissa from IOA (thanks guys). Anyway, for my presentation later this spring I'm planning to show a slideshow of the roller coasters that is brought up in the show. I was wondering if anyone of you have som high resolution pictures of the following coasters that you might be willing to e-mail me? They are for educational purposes only, not for comercial but if you supply your full name it will be credited. The pictures should at least be 800 x 600 pixels The coasters are: High Roller in Vegas Speed - the ride in Vegas KingdaKa Goliath at SFMM Desperado Expedition G-force The Hulk Duelling dragons My e-mail is mischa.danofsky@gmail.com Any help would be great Thanks in advance Mischa
  2. mischa

    IOA meeting!

    Hello everyone! I have mentioned in another post that I'm going to IOA next week to get material for my radiodocumentary about roller coasters. I was hoping to attend at the meeting on the 20th (thursday) but as it turns out I can't make it. But what I can do and would like to is to meet up with anyone of you who feels like it outside the park before it opens. And maybe get an interview from someone. The interview should be about why you love roller coasters so much, your favourite roller coaster etc... I have emailed Robb about this but it would be very good if anyone who feels like it can participate Get your voice out to the people of Sweden Maybe the best way to set something up is for anyone who wants, to email me your cellphone numbers and I can contact you to set up a meeting? Or maybe we can set a time and place right here on the forum if anyone has any suggestions? My email is mischa.danofsky@gmail.com Thanks in advance Mischa
  3. Thanks for the info saturday97! The study is fist of all intended to be displayed within the academic field at my university but I may concider selling it if it turns out that there is an interest from the public radio here in Sweden. I'll be sure to contact the parks in advance to inform them about this. Mischa
  4. Hi! Sadly I have allready booked the Orlando trip and I'm leaving Orlando exactly on the 20th but I can look into if I can rebook it or anything. Or maybe I can meet you guys for a quick interview before the park opens on thursday? I will contact you guys later, thanks. Mischa
  5. Hi there! First I would like to say thanks for all the very nice videos you have filmed, especially the one from my home park Liseberg My name is Mischa Danofsky. I come from Sweden and currently study media and culture at the University of Linkoping. For my final exams I'm making a documentary about rollercoasters in the U.S and about people who loves riding them like you guys. I'm going to stay in the U.S the whole month of october and I have planned visits to Las Vegas, Universal Island of Adventure and Six Flags Great Adventure. I'm operating out of New York. And now here are my questions to you. Is there pherhaps a way to contact you for an interview? Or do you know someone I might contact? Do you think I should contact the different parks in advance and tell them what I'm doing and pherhaps get some kind of special access? And finally, do you have any special tips and tricks about bringing a fairly small audiorecording device onboard the coasters whitout getting told off by the staff? Many thanks in advance Best regards Mischa Danofsky
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