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  1. These awards are like the "People's Choice Awards" where the people don't really choose, the publicists and marketing execs battle it out for recognition. The Mitch Hawker Poll is like the Academy Awards...people in the industry (coaster enthusiasts primarily) make educated decisions. (I'm not saying the AA are always correct, but it's the closest thing we've got to authentic awards for film.) I wish MH would extend his awards to more categories. With the GTA, it's not like people are walking around going, "Gee I wonder which coaster is going to get the Golden Ticket Award? I can't wait to hear." On the other hand, coaster enthusiasts wait with bated breath for the MH Poll to be released. WhatEv. Let the GTA be. They can have their cute little banners. Oh, and I like Flying Turns...how proud Dick Knoebel was when he talked about it to our TPR group this year on the MiniEast Coast trip was priceless. Give the guy a banner, it's just the GTA.

  2. Sucks to hear about what happened to Willy. I didn't realize that they are all bred in captivity..but there had to be some "caught" even if it was a while ago. I don't know, I was sitting at Sea World in San Antonio on the TPR trip last summer watching the Shamu show and it just didn't sit right with me…that weird face the orcas make after a trick when they go up to a trainer and open their mouths for fish, or the crazy stuff they make them do just for the amusement of humans, just don't think it's right. I will still go to Sea World and ride the coasters, just feel bad for the whales and dolphins. I don't really like zoos for the same reason.

  3. I haven't seen Blackfish, but I do know that dolphins and orcas are among the most intelligent mammals on earth. Imagine to being segregated from the population in a home you didn't choose and having to perform to eat. I do trust they are well cared for and that the employees of Sea World love the marine life they oversee. I just don't think orcas and dolphins should be in captivity. Even though they are cared for, it's cruel and would certainly not be happening by the dolphins' or orcas' free will. So Free Willy.

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