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  1. Hey Robb, I had a fantastic time last night...really enjoyed the THING maze - the new movie looks great and it was cool to see a preview on the tram!!! I had a kid behind me ask "who's Alice Cooper?" so I felt really old. The front of the line passes were a must - felt so VIP walking right by the people waiting 65 minutes. The Mummy was "brighter" than usual, I could see the layout of the track and the other cars, the Simpson's was great - every time I ride I notice something new, I loved the fire by the chainsaw clowns...all in all, great evening, thanks!

  2. Just rode it twice, once in the front, once in the back. It is smooth, but I have to say it's not all that exciting. The best parts are the lift hill and the roll at the end. The rest is just average. The first drop on The New Texas Giant blows this first drop out of the water.


    The trains are cool and the lapbar is comfortable. When sitting in the back, the seats are not quite high enough to see over the first two rows.


    If TNTG is a 10/10, I give this coaster a 7/10.


    It is fun, but it's not going to make my top 10 or even 20.

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