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  1. I saw what happened over at Shyguy's World. Are you going to close the thread here aswell? I'll be devastated if you did.

    Nope, it was closed due to a really interesting war in-between Brandon and I that was resolved.

    Cool CTR's You should try to make some Intamin footers too.

    I did, and released them! I should get a thread here huh?

    Greetings from Arizona-


    I'm loving some of the models here, but is it possible for you to add the pictures in directly, instead of from Photobucket? All I'm seeing is their bandwidth exceeded pictures- and not the rides!


    800x600 works great- and there are some nifty photo-resizers out there to allow you to post the pics directly from your computer to the site- as you're generating a ton of buzz, we'd really REALLY like to see them all!



    Games Forum Moderating Team

    OK thanks. I'll get on that. I see Photobucket's being a bitch right now. And thank you very much!

  2. is this pack still a work in progress? i tried the download links and searched the game exchange but its not there


    good job btw, these are some of the best ctr's i've ever seen

    Thanks! And my Mediafire is giving crap right now. I shall upload them to the Game Exchange very soon. Infact, doing it now!

    Cool, I have on good photos of the trains on V2 at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom! I try to get them to you soon.


    We don't need pics of the Invert trains sadly. But thanks anyways!

  3. Nice! But you need the little leather things that are on the out side of the restraint of the edge seats , unless your getting to that. BTW, are all of the Ctrs in this pack coming out separately like the bliz and double coaster, or was that just a peview thing?

    Thanks! And those arn't modeled yet. And they will be released in the product type. Like, The 1st gen, 2nd gen, Mane Cart, and Screamin are Loopers, so they will be together. Etc, etc...



    And remember guys!!:


    And there's a way too help us get these done faster! One word: pictures! If any of you guys have good "nerd shots" of any of these trains, please share them!
  4. As you guys seem to know what your doing, and your doing it quite well. Might I give you an idea for something that would be awesome to see.


    (Its intamin too!)

    This is also very surprising as its coming from me, but....


    Californian Screamin' and Indiana Jones et le Temple du Péril (backwards train!)


    Also , for the Superman Freefall ride, will that be exclusive to one track?

    We are actually doing both. I forgot a couple to add to the list. And yes, the S:EFK will be only on the Reverse Free-Fall.


    There's one more that I think could easily be added to the list, and that's the Cop Car Chase (Lethal Weapon) Coaster Cars from Movie World.


    I commend you guys for doing this! These CTRs look amazing!

    That would be an 1st Gen Looper, also one I forgot to add. And thanks!


    The new S:EFK car looks great! I actually kinda like it; it keeps the car generic, but also keeps it from being too boring. I can't wait to see Ka and the rest of this great stuff!

    Thanks man!


    I do not approve of the woodie and the kiddie coaster!

    Too bad!


    This is the best coaster pack ever,but one question is there any pictures of the Intamin Double Coaster. Also here is some other Intamin coasters you should make.

    Thanks! And check RCDB. And yes, we will do those eventually!


    To Brandon or Techno dude: What program are you using to make these 3-d models?

    Google Sketchup


    Wow! I cant' wait intil the giga and SM:EK come out!

    Me neither!




    Fixed the KdK nose. Better?




    And there's a way too help us get these done faster! One word: pictures! If any of you guys have good "nerd shots" of any of these trains, please share them!



    And this is the official list:






    Swiss Bob:


    Kiddie Coaster:



    California Screamin:

    Cheetah Hunt:


    Vertical Lift:

    Space Diver:

    Formula Rossa:

    Family Launch Coaster:

    Zac Spin:

    Jet Rescue:

    Kingda Ka:

    Mine Train Coaster:

    Accelerator (OTSR, Lap Bar):

    Twist & Turn Coaster:

    Skull Mountain:

    S:EFK (forwards & backwards):

    Tot (1&2):




    Mega (regular, soundtracker):

    1st Gen Looper:

    Euro Star (no pics)

    Spiral Coaster (no pics)

    RC Racer:

    Mine Cart Looper:

    Family Coaster:

    Gyro Tower

    Gyro Drop

    PeopleMover P6

    PeopleMover P8

    PeopleMover P30

    Mountain Monorail

    Shoot the Rapids:



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