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  1. The second NAD Century Flyer train for the Blue Streak, which was being used as spare parts, was destroyed in the fire, along with at least a few other park related things. Not only that, but the bands and entertainment booked at the Beach Club drew a lot of people to the park.
  2. I was at the park today. The coaster was absolutely wonderful. The park was really dead though, I'm thinking because many schools are now back in session, and word really hadn't gotten out about the Blue Streak reopening. A lot of news stations were there, so hopefully word will spread and more people will come in over the weekend. I'll probably be heading back up myself on Saturday or Sunday. I got a video from the back seat of the first public ride:
  3. Lakemont just re-did their food services last year I believe, and their food is good, but Delgrosso's is absolutely spectacular, and very reasonably priced. Lakemont's Skyliner may be the most under-rated coaster ever, it's solidly in my personal top 10 list. If you do decided to get the ride all day pass at Delgrosso's, you can save $5 by bringing in the label from a jar of their sauce. I visited both parks last year, and I'll just tell you what I did, because I think it worked out really well. I got to lakemont around 1 PM and got the ride all day pass (though it was a Wednesday so it was only $3) and spent a few hours there. Got my LTD credit, did skyliner a few times, also did Toboggan and Sky Diver and a couple other little rides you don't see much any more. Then I went up to Delgrosso's to eat and get their wild mouse credit. Nothing else really appealed to me there, it was all newer stuff you can find anywhere, so I went back to Lakemont, did a round of mini golf, and then just rode Skyliner until they closed. Ended up with like 25 rides including 9 in a row without getting off.
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