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  1. As a former SFOT employee I 100% agree with all of this. management needs a change, and needs it now. Operations are horrible I was a VIP Tour Guide and they were terrible when I would be doing tours. I had to leave the park after god awful management and they need change so fast. The park is falling fast and needs to recover. I don't find they think of guests first they think of them self's.

  2. Here's something I just noticed today...


    I love that at 1:57 of the official YOLOcoaster B-Roll video you can hear someone shout YOLO!!!! Check it out: http://t.co/kX5VyiNaZr


    I worked at Six Flags Over Texas and when management would have a meeting everyday about the status about the company they called it the YOLO Coaster when they talked about the coaster when it opened. I found it funny even other parks management call it YOLO Coaster. My boss was confused what they were talking about and asked me what YOLO Coaster was!

  3. I took 4 kids with me to SFOT, on Tuesday (June 25th). I noticed upon parking that the park was filling in a lot for a Tuesday, but was relieved to see it was mostly day care groups and they weren't interested in our kinda rides. Still, noticing the crowd building I schlepped my crew straight over to the NTAG, to catch that before the line and Texas summer temps got insane. It was closed. So, we high tailed it to Titan. It was practically walk on, but the Sidewinder was closed (my oldest son and his gf won't ride the Titan but love Sidewinder). We started getting a theme going. Pandemonium, closed. Shock Wave, closed. Judge Roy, closed (not that I minded that so much, it's a beating), Superman Tower, closed. Texas Sky Screamer, closed. That's just naming a few. Thankfully, our Gotham rides were still running, so I was able to get on Mr. Freeze. It became evident that the lines were getting bigger and bigger for these rides (because that's all there is for us thrill seekers), and the temps higher and higher. So, we opted out of the hour long wait for Batman the Ride, because it simply isn't worth that long of a wait in the heat. Nobody could tell us why all of those big named rides were not running and if they were going to be open later in the day. So, we bolted at around 2pm. I was shocked at how many rides at one time, especially popular ones were closed. I was glad that we are season pass holders. I would have been highly ticked if we had paid $35-$50 a head to get in, only to have those rides closed. We will be back, and for the record, we did have fun even if we couldn't ride some of our favorites.


    Yeah, I was out there on Tuesday as well. Too bad about all those rides being closed. But Gold Pass holders could get free refills on slurpees all day long with a special coupon they give you at the parking gate. Great way to beat the heat.

    Most Rides were closed due to very high winds, other than Shockwave and Giant

  4. I know at SFOT on Batman, I'm almost positive they tell you not to even touch the seat let until the train had made a complete stop. I've heard them threaten to eject people from the park before. It's a park to park thing really, especially in the Six Flags chain. Each park is very different in maintenance, service, cleanliness, etc. The policies are slightly different.

    That policy is mostly due to the fact that people on Batman like to move the lock of the belt up and down to create a annoying noise, so in return they are told just not touch them.

  5. One of my concerns is employees checking children's heights for the ride too. I hope employees check all heights of kids before letting guests enter the ride. I've witnessed a ton of kids getting on a ride at SFOT and having the dispatch process stop because they had to pull a kid off the ride to double check their height.


    Does this new loading system get rid of the employee at the bottom of the stairs too? Last several visits to the park, that one employee at the bottom of the stairs wasn't very efficient in my opinion. They just kind of sat there and let guests pile onto the stairs and loading station...


    P.S. I guess this new process screams "if you get on, you're riding!". lol! I've seen so many people get on NTAG and cry to get off because their too scared to ride.

    That one Team Member works for Flash Pass

  6. It's funny how misinformed you guys are lol! Flashbacks track has been at the park's parking lot and was there last time I saw was last weekend. Both Flashbacks trains are in the parks back area not necessarily the "bone yard" and Flashbacks trains were removed off track every October so they are removed. St. Louis is only getting the Boomerang track no control's, breaks and other mechanical aspects of the ride. Trains I can not comment on, but some people on here have to right idea what is going on

  7. All season passes are the same card regular or gold. The printer in the US Parks just prints gold and parking on the pass, the bar code is really the thing that matters. I'm not sure how La Ronde's Season Passes process. But if the Printers in the US do not have gold option pressed they will not give it a bar code with gold on it. I can find this out for you. This is just my info I'm in no way posting representing Six Flags, but I can help you out if you PM me.

  8. I went to the park yesterday for only two and half hours. Got in a few coasters in. I already used my Gold Pass for next year to get the FREE parking. I think the park looks good with some of the theming for Fright Fest.


    I'm not sure when this started but I noticed on NTAG, Titan, and Shockwave that they started to tell you to put all items in colored bins. I don't remember this happening earlier this year or making a big deal about it. They always had an area for drinks but now they have them color coded by which train you are on and they allow you put all of your stuff. I'm kind of wondering if SFOT got rid of there fluffy, fluffy bunny filled with medicine and goo policy. Unless, I just never noticed the color coding system before. ( I was trying out a new video camera that takes pics, why they look gritty)



    Shock Wave was never part of the Locker Policy, and SFoT did away with that policy in 201. Most Big rides have a place for drinks on top and things on bottom.

  9. It was not an event held by Six Flags Over Texas. It was a event put on at Six Flags but, Six Flags was not the event holder. It was done by an organization that hosted their event at Six Flags. If that makes any since.


    It's not even an organization that puts it on, it just sorta "is", although there are organizations that hold their events as part of the Gay Day. Basically, it's just a day that's picked on a weekend of Pride Week where everyone agrees to go to Six Flags on that day. I doubt that SFOT even know it's happening until they see all the rainbow flag stickers on the cars coming into the lot that day.


    I was there for Lone Star Coasterthon and as I was leaving the park after the morning ERT on Saturday, I happened to look around at the GP streaming in and thought, "hmmm....". I took out my phone, googled "Six Flags Texas Gay Day 2012", looked at the results, and said, "Yep! It's Gay Day!"


    Disney's Gay Day is much more organized, but Disney actually gets involved with that one.

    I believe it was an origination, that's what I was trying to say but, I wasn't sure how to word it correctly to make since. ahahah

  10. So a new Haunt this year, "Piggy's Blood Shed". Anyone have any info of where this is going to be? Can't be bumper cars anymore!

    It will be located near the Court House across from Newman's Corn Dogs in that area where the Arcade Games were housed. Studio 13 the most popular haunted house is not longer a Haunted House as it used Flashbacks old queue house as a line, and that area is a construction site right now obviously. I hope Piggy's will be a good replacement for guests to enjoy as much as they did on Studio 13. I don't go in Haunted Houses for my own reasons (I don't like being in a dark room with people trying to scare me) however, this year might change.

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