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  1. Original Ghostrider was on of the best coasters on the planet. The rides we had at the nighttime ERT at the first Solace are still among the best rides I've had on any coaster anywhere. To be able to get rides like that again would be amazing. But like Robb, I'm skeptical, mainly because of how other rehabs/new trains have worked out. I'm really hoping for the best here, though. Would love to see people experience the "real" Ghostrider, and not the pain machine it's been for so long.




    Did Knott's specify what kind of wheels the new Flyers will run on. I am curious whether using the same wheels that Woden at Europa Park uses would make a difference in terms of keeping the ride smooth over time and avoid the same fate as Wildcat and Gwazi... How has Woden kept up in terms of smoothness?

  2. Can you guys check on the status of Zombie Ride at Bosque Magico (maybe even get a construction tour). It be nice to see pics of that ride and where it is with construction and/or how the dual station is looking/progressing.

    Um, you do realize that park is a two hour flight from where we are at, right? "Hang on a second, let me just stop by real quick and check it out!"



  3. Those straps looks very close together. I305's slightly graze against my ears when I slide them over my head... these look like they will scrape the sides of someone's head. It also appears that boarding riders will have to pick the straps up. Surprised they didn't just go with an all-in-one over the shoulder lap bar restraint system. Instead they went with two separate devices.

  4. So don't try and imply that there is anything wrong with I305 because it kicks people A$$ across the state of Virginia.


    Ouch my first tpr smack down. Wasn't meaning to imply anything is wrong with i305. The coaster is beautifully engineered chaos unleashed that will make you black out. My #1 steel. I would ride it all day if I could. After visiting kd with friends a few times however I noticed that my friends loved i305, but could only handle so much. Half of them quit after 2-3 rides. Intamin certainly kbows how to make rides that will make you brag about getting your A$$ kicked. I've seen some of my friends respond to coasters like el toro, skyrush, and i305 as "that was so intense and good but I can't ride again." I've heard many of my non enthusiast friends say they prefer nitro over el toro cause it's so fun. Maybe my friends are weak?


    To me It seems like B&m makes coasters that are more re rideable to the average person because they are "super fun" (and often lacking in crazy forces.) In this vain I think that Fury will have mass appeal to the general public because it is gigantic and scary looking, but ultimately Will give a fun, fast, twisty and floaty ride, opposed to the most intense ride of your life. In essence it might not turn as many people off because it caused them to black out, or was too violent.


    Last year during haunt... the park was empty and we went straight for I305... didn't have to leave my seat... however the staff said that we could only ride twice in a row MAX. They said we are required to take a break and at least walk around and re-enter the queue. This was the first year I have heard such so I went to their guest relations and spoke about this ruling.... and they backed up the staff stating that due to the rides intensity and for safety reasons they limit the amount of back to back re-rides. I get it though....


    So what did I do... I walked my a$$ down the exit and got back in line... of course!


    but I get it... that on Fury 325... I wouldn't have to worry about such. Personally I don't think that someone should lower a rides rating because it is so damn good that you have to take a break... like rob said... and as a man... sometimes the sex is so damn good you need to a break before the 3rd go! lol and likewise... sometimes a coaster has the same affect!

  5. I'd expect that this ride will splash into the water much like B&M coasters do... Just lightly skimming the water... however, the scoops (or whatever the mechanism they use) could be configured in a way to throw water back on to the boat, soaking riders, or out around the boat's perimeter, soaking spectators. The "skimming" would allow the car to not loose a lot of speed. It seems like the launch would only be in the station area. The boat would have to make it out and back to the launch area. The first backwards launch goes up 82 ft. The second backwards launch goes up 147 ft. So that second trip through the course will definitely provide a much bigger splash. I like the concept!

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