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  1. I feel like I was one of the few people who really liked Windseeker a lot. It was a pretty unique ride and gave some amazing views of the area without being overly intense. The line was always short because of how ridiculously high capacity it was and it was a great ride to relax on after lunch before going back to the coasters. You got a bird's eye view of Knott's that I'm going to miss.

  2. I remember on that same 2005 trip, we had to wait to go on Psyclone because weren't enough people to cycle the ride. then needed seven and there were only 3 of us.


    I remember seeing the structure for the ride move a good foot laterally left and right when it came rushing by. I was still a pretty young kid then so I didn't grasp that "Wooden coasters probably should be moving that much"

  3. This remind me of the time I went to the park in 2005 late summer.


    There was no one in the park, and as we headed towards the back, a Ride Op was sitting over by Déjà-Vu and asked us if. I wanted to ride. I was about 4-5 inches too short.


    Then the ride op said: Oh it doesn't matter really! Come on in! Needless to say I didn't ride it that day, but it still a pretty weird encounter.

  4. ^ I remember those trains, and I'm pretty sure they were not an official Gerstlauer train, it was made by some guy who wanted to work in the industry.


    I would guess for a Gerstlauer here, but I would love for it to also be a Mack or Intamin.


    The person who made them is a member of this site, he works at Gerstlauer as an industrial designer. These were his personal concept, and not a representation of Gerstlauer's official work. However he is a Gerstlauer a Employee.

  5. So Firechaser Express's trains were finally revealed at IAAPA today. While I really like the locomotive design, I feel the trains would fit the theming better as fire trucks.


    I had trouble linking the direct photo from this phone so heres the link instead.



    - Can't go wrong with a locomotive design though.


    Actually, there's a reason why they are locomotive themed. Who's ready for a history lesson?


    I spoke with Anthony Esparza, the VP of Guest Experience/Creative Design for Herschend Family Entertainment, and he shed some light on the ride's historical influence.

    Back in the 1930's and 1940's the smokey mountains weren't very accessible by roads, instead, most of the paths through the mountains were traversed by railroads. Whenever a fire broke out up in the mountains, Volunteer Firefighters would take "Fire Trains" up into the hills, get as close as they could to the fire, then take their tools into the forest to fight the fires! So there's actually some real historical significance behind it!


    Pretty cool huh?


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