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  1. Hey all my names Dylan, I'm from Miami,Fl born and raised. I'm currently a full time student, majoring in Psychology. I (obviously) love coasters, I also love cars, tech, music and just having a good time. Ive been on the forum for awhile, but have not been very active. I attended the Busch Gardens Tampa Bash a couple months ago and had a great time. I'm going to be at the Deep South Bash at SFoG, so I was hoping to introduce myself before hand, which I made the mistake of not doing for Busch.


    That is me in a couple sentences. I look forward to bashing it up at SFoG on the 11th! Hope to see you all there!

  2. The countdown begins! T-Minus 10 days. Im going to be flying up from Miami with a buddy to check out the Bash. With all these great reviews of last year I am really really looking forward to the gathering.






    Feeling like we were welcome at SFoG was a good start.


    Having been to a number of bashes over the past year or so, no park has rolled out the red carpet like SFoG did; from ERT as far as the eye can see, to ADDING ERT on the drop-tower which was down most of the day, to little touches such as a backstage tour that was epic. Making sure we got the chance to ride every coaster in the park during both the morning session of ERT (I know of very few parks who opened up their mine train for ERT!) or the evening session (Goliath at night isn't shabby at all). The B-E-ERT session prior to night ERT was epic- with fried pies, beer & wine.


    For me, having the Park GM come up to me (and a few of my friends) and ask how my day was going, and if there were any problems, and genuinely caring about them was a personal touch that cannot be replicated in any way otherwise. That is a 'warm' feeling that I've yet to have at any other park, save my beloved HersheyPark.


    Just those reasons alone are enough to get me back for 2012, and to spend additional time in the park for a few days beforehand. SFoG knows how to run a park right, and does so in a spectacular fashion.


    (Plus being able to ride MindBender uninterrupted for two hours didn't hurt either....)




    This made me 100x more hyped!! I have experienced the "warm" feeling at SFoG in a previous trip, so far it has been the only park comparable to the Disney feeling. I enjoyed my previous trips so much that the bash is most definitely going to be a great day.


    Three words.. Goliath evening ERT.

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