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  1. what do we text to where to get the wait times? and im about to jump in the car and make the journey over.
  2. ive been lurking a few sites checking out reviews the hhn. and i saw some posts about rockit. apprently they have yet to put up a net where there is a line for one of the houses under the coaster. once thats up it will be running.
  3. i keep reading reviews, and i cant wait to go. unfortunately, i have to.
  4. this thing opens up in just a few months. nad has been under construction for a lil while. i understand they put those walls up as to hide thw ork. but are their any better pics of this other "artist renderings"?
  5. i am just letting you know i registered to this site because of this thread. i googled hhn review, and it popped up this thread. i read it. and now im stoked to be going next weekend.
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