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  1. I got stuck on the Sea Dragon at Worlds of Fun for over an hour many years ago. They lost power to the ride when it reached it's peak swing and we were stuck there swinging. At about 30 minutes in people started throwing up over the sides. It was horrible to say the least. If it would have been in the last few years I know many people would have sued the park. I used to love rides that would spin etc., but after that I can't go on many anymore without getting sick. It's amazing how your body will revolt against you for abusing it.


    I also rode Evil Knieval once as it started to hail. That crap hurt.

  2. Robb, that sucks man. When you get a large number of people in one place you are bound to find some individuals that are just idiots and don't know how to act. Sucks that you had to take it that far, but I understand. Every 6 months I go through my friend list and delete the idiots. From those of us that do know how to act, we appreciate the site and a place to be able to chat with others that love roller coasters. Thanks!

  3. For me it has to be The Wildcat at LC. I am pretty sure that having kids is going to be difficult now thanks to that ride. The sad part is I rode it again in the front row to see if it would be a smoother ride. It was not.


    A close second is Mean Streak. It is probably the biggest disappointment because it looks impressive, but is just painful overall.

  4. I always have sunglasses on and I have never used a strap with them. I have ridden many inverts, El Toro, Boulder Dash, Kingda Ka, I305, Bizarro, etc... with never an issue. The only time I felt they could fall off was on a couple flyers, but they didn't. With a strap you would be fine for sure, but even without it I would not worry about it.

  5. Park in the Soak City lot and enter the park through the Magnum gate. Go to Dragster first (if its open on time) otherwise go to Maverick. Maverick will have a line due to the early entry, but it is not going to get any shorter more than likely. Also during this time there will be no line for Magmum or Gemini (though it will more than likely only be running one side). Millennium Force is also another good option to go to first, also coming in through the Magnum gate. Hold off on Raptor til later in the day when the line goes down since EVERYONE goes to that first. Those are my tips! I NEVER park in the front lot anymore, LOVE that back lot!


    Ditto. Park in the back lot because it is not crowded since most people don't know it's back there. Just follow the road all the way around past famous daves and keep going until you get to Soak City. Get on Dragster, which can be a crap shoot in the morning, and then I would work your way back towards maverick, then MF and go that direction.

  6. I agree with the previous two posts, I would have a day for each park. Sea World only has a few "rides" but they have some really good shows that you should not miss. You should make sure you get to IOA as soon as it opens to make sure you get through everything without having to rush. I just don't know how crowds are now with Harry Potter. Regardless, a day at each park is plenty with or with out xpress passes.

  7. I always like trip reports of my home park. I agree with you on your Patriot comments. I've been on many inverts and Patriot is still my favorite. I'll be curious to see the reactions of those on the TPR midwest trip when they come through.


    Prowler is currently #3 on my woddies list behing Boulder and El Toro and just ahead of Evil Knieval. Night ride in the front row is where it's at, hands down.


    Good report. Hope you had a good time in KC.

  8. The wife and I went to BGW last week. During the week the crowds should be light. The only coaster we waited longer than 10 minutes for was Loch Ness. The wait for the Dark Castle ride was also long and it was a pretty decent dark ride. We ate at the bbq place in France. It was pretty good for theme park food. It is a very well themed park and like others have said go to all the shows you can.

  9. Hopefully I can help since I just got back from Hershey and Great Adventure. Get the fast pass for sure at Great Adventure. We got the Gold version and it saved us alot of time. We had multiple rides on all the coasters we wanted. Kingda Ka ran all day when we were there (July 4th). I'm sure with 2 days you will have no issues riding everything multiple times.


    As for Hershey, we went on July 5th and it was busy, but not crazy busy. The longest line was Farenheit. We waited an hour to ride it, which sucked because it was the best ride in the park in my opinion. The only other line we waited very long was Storm Runner, everything else was close to a walk on.

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