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  1. We rode Kumba earlier this year and it couldn't have been smoother. I'm still blown away by how amazing that ride is... It's a top 5 for me (out of about 230). If you love inversions then Kumba is your dream coaster... especially in the magic seat. That zero g roll on Kumba is my favorite inversion on any coaster.

    That's good news to me, I may have to make a trip down there soon.

  2. I really like cobra rolls. Even the ones which have a snap (like raptor).


    I've only ridden one coaster with inversions (well, one) and lap bars: sooperdooperlooper. In two weeks I'll be going to Madrid and I'll ride another (Abismo at Parque De Atracciones de Madrid).

    Yes! It's B&M at their best. The ride is reasonably forceful, fairly long and has a lot of inversions without being repetitive whatsoever. Plus the zero g roll is the best I've ever tried: it's very fast yet it does really provide weightlessness which some of the others I've tried failed to do. If you haven't ridden it, it should be like Kumba (which I sadly haven't been on yet).



    Well, the ones with loops and lap bars that I have a chance of riding would be Goliath at SFGAm, Flight of Fear at KI, Dare Devil Dive at SFOG as well as Mind bender, and Scorpion at BGTB, all those parks I have plans on going to soon. Also, I haven't ridden Kumba yet but I have a wayyyy better chance of going to Busch gardens here in my home state Florida, then all the way in another country (Spain). I do hear that Kumba is rough though.

    I wouldn't be surprised if Kumba is rough now (it was awesome when I rode it like 15 years ago though), even Alpengeist that was mentioned above is kinda rough now IMO (I think it being so forceful does it no favours). Scorpion is fun though! some helix and loop action which are my favourites. I really don't like cobra elements.


    I was really stoked to hear about the 5000 loops in a row in that the onion article

  3. Gao, as in Mitsui Greenland's Gao coaster, is an onomatopoeia for "roar" in Japanese.


    So that makes 5 coasters that are named "Roar" in one way or another. The two Roar coasters, Kumba in BGT, Kumba in Africa, and Gao.

    One of the characters in the anime "air" says gao all the time. Kind of funny I didn't know kumba meant roar but I sure like that coaster! and those B&M sure do "roar"

  4. Registration for the event has closed. For those of you who have registered, you will get an email with details a few days prior to the event.



    I can't wait, the last time (and only time) I've been to KD was when the XLC coaster was new...the line for that was ridiculous. I want to wear my TPR shirt but good lord it'll be hot with a black shirt. There should be lighter coloured shirts.

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