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  1. ^1-3 and the walls set were made by Wabigear, but the 5th set, containing the animated pieces, is made by Imagineer John and is found on the same page as the other Ghost Mine CS. Also I still recommend using the in-game recorder. Start recording, then come back in 30 minutes. Judging by how much has recorded in that time, you can estimate how much longer it will take to finish the whole ride, and you can go do something else for that amount of time. That's what works for me at least.

  2. ^Thanks! I'll try to answer all your questions.

    The keep out doors were made by Imagineer John for Fishermans Ghost Mine ride, and can be downloaded at the Ghost Mine website here: While you are there I highly recommend you check out his ride, it is fantastic. The hanging body in The Tomb was given to me by a CS maker (PB&J) after he saw me asking about it in a thread. He happened to like my work so he gave it to me. He has only given it to 3 people (that I know of) and many many people have asked.

    The sound effects in my video are all found via google search, which takes a very very long time. I get much of my music from freeplaymusic.com.

    For recording, using an external recorder is a ver bad choice as rct3's frame rate is horrible. Instead, use ctrl + shift + f11. Your game will be virtually unplayable until you stop recording with ctrl+shift+f11. It can take awhile to record depending on your computer but if you go into your my videos/rct3 folder after you will find a high quality video of what you recorded. For the fcre (Flying Camera Route Editor) you don't have to use D Lean, just press ctrl + shift + 0. You can find a good tutorial for this

    Hope I was helpful, and thanks for the sub!

  3. ^That was pretty good!

    I've done quite a few, but I'll post some of my best ones.



    The Shaft, which was my first dark ride and second attempt at building anything in Rct3. It was inspired by Fisherman, who is the best dark ride creator there is in my books. If you haven't seen any of his projects, I recommend you go check them out.



    My second dark ride.



    My third dark ride. IMO, good concept, poor execution. I'm currently remaking this ride now.



    And The Tomb.


    Out of all these, I haven't made one that I was happy with. So I guess I'll just have to keep making them until I make one that I am happy with!


    <---Wish I could make this link bigger, so people could actually see it!


    Something has gone horribly wrong at the archaeological dig site! The crew has gone missing and the tomb seems to have come to life! You can try to rescue them, but will you even get out alive?


    Ok I was able to overcome tech problems which I thought marooned this project, so this weekend I was able to go back in and finish it up. Also I know my mixmaster lazers are bad, but it's my first try with them. Please leave a comment! Also hanging bodies are from PB&J







  5. I got the game just about 1 month ago so I wouldn't think I would need any updates... I will go check it out though.


    Also, about the camera. Ctrl-click doesn't work in the terraformer, but it's how I rotate/move in the editor. If I try the same exact thing in the terraformer, nothing!


    EDIT: I downloaded the update and can record now, thanks!

    EDIT2: Well now the video came out upside-down and mirrored.



  6. Wow, I went to the South Florida Fair and it was basically the same thing. Same spinning mouse, same disgusting food, same wacky worm, and same I just relived the pain watching the POV.



    There were some differences though, like no chairswing tower and not as many darkrides, and no Big Ben... although there was a drop tower. A few other rides weren't there either.


    It was exciting to see Montu in the distance!

  7. ^Thanks guys!


    Alright its been a while since an update but mainly because I'm too lazy to update at Atari, Shyguy's, and here too. So here's what I've been up to:


    This is at the near beginning of the queue.


    It takes on a whole nother feel at night time!


    Looking back the other way...


    This part is sort of meant to entertain you while your in the queue. You can look closely through the planks and enjoy the scenery!


    Heres a first look at the station!


    Pay attention to the cave in the distance - The track looks like it leads right into it!


    Oh! But it's a fake! The train drops below just after ghosts appear in the tunnel ahead. The station lights suddenly flicker violently a mysterious blue glow!


    And your journey into the mines begin...


    Hope you guys like what your seeing!


    Please drop a comment, I've been working very hard on this.

    Thanks, Michael


    Well I decided to name it Timber Beast, I know so un-original. I know there are a few little things that could be changed to make it better such as how it comes into the final break-run and the supports, but this is my first NoLimits woodie, and only my 3rd coaster. This is also my 1st time posting a download here so lets hope it works:

    Timber Beast.nltrack

    No Limits Wooden Coaster by Rct3Mike

  9. This is my first attempt at NoLimits that actually came out decent. All G's stay in the green, the supports don't look like crap because of auto-supports, and it looks awesome!


    It kind of resembles the Dania Beach Hurricane but there are a few differences in the layout.











    I'll put up a download after I fix some support issues.


    Thanks for looking, Michael

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