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  1. How screwed are we visiting the park on 10/10 and 10/11? My girlfriend is insisting we visit that weekend for her birthday. We're staying at Breakers (they have a dedicated gate, right? Different from the back gate?) and I've been to the park a few times so we don't need to hit all of the credits. Thinking we'll use the back gate to get Vengeance and then hopefully Maverick passes each day and then TTD and MF at the 4:30 time. How long are the lines once you return with your access pass? Should we expect most of the non-pass ride waits to be an hour plus? Thanks for your help guys!

  2. all im saying is that i know dave.. and i have friends who work in the park ... their not dip and dots employees lets just say...like were you fan boys get your info from.. i bet you didnt know with the addition of possibly removing cork the wave would go with it too...so yes THAT will clear up tons of space for a coaster ...... and yes dave is a huge intamin fan he wanted to put a zac spin in the mall...and with no major attraction since hmmm 2007 we could afford a maverick. who where would like one???? i know for sure i would.. its amazing....and yes dinos is on a lease . i was just stating that it would clear up room for a coaster their also. it would make a great visual ie sliver bullet or talon...what ever happens happens time will tell..dont get mad if the invert is small non thrilling one like patriot....personally i want a afterburner clone.. now THAT looks sick!!! as for soak city expansion i want to see snake pit in imaxs spot. and were hydro was at what carowinds got. i fell that would round out our waterpark...i was told its going to be a huge OVER HAUL....


    culd u bee...... any mor.. pretentious....


    And FWIW who ever runs that stupid Valleyfairzone site needs to get a sense of humor. My baby brother is funnier than that prude!

  3. This is a bit random, but for those of you that have been to Valleyfair, how would you rank the roller coasters here from favorite to least favorite? I have seen lots of lists like this for many parks out there, but never one for my home park, and I'd like an idea of how everyone else thinks.


    My List

    1) Renegade

    2) Steel Venom

    3) Wild Thing

    4) Excalibur

    5) Corkscrew

    6) High Roller

    7) Mad Mouse

    8) Cosmic Coaster (I've never actually been on this one, but since it's a kiddie coaster, I'd say it's fair to put it last.)


    1. Renegade

    2. Wild Thing

    3. High Roller

    4. Excalibur

    5. Steel Venom

    6. Mad Mouse

    7. Corkscrew

    8. Cosmic Coaster


    None of them are bad, but 5-8 were all once-a-season rides.

  4. OK, this is just an idea since everyone is talking about removing Excalibur. If they remove it and as expected next year is a water park expansion, make it a large enough expansion to justify making it separate admission. Use Excalibur's and maybe Thunder Canyon's area for parking and a gate. I've been going to the park for over 20 years and probably have been in the water park twice, it doesn't interest me. However, I know people that would love to just go to the water park and skip the ride side. Since they don't have that option, they will skip the whole place.


    I've heard different stories about the land between the parking lot and the dorms. Does anyone know who owns that, can it be developed or turned into parking lot if they were to expand the park by moving the gate to the east? Probably have to build/extend the flood barrier. In an ideal situation, that is where the water park should have been built.


  5. I'm sure some of you have seen this, but I saw a 2015 Soak City rumor on Screamscape a while ago: A waterslide expansion package is expected to come to Valleyfair in 2015 from White Water West. This could be similar to the Snake Pit slide package going into Dorney Park in 2014 or the one added to Worlds of Fun in 2013.


    The drop door slides were just okay, the Constrictors were really bad, but those tube slides with the crazy drops are great! I'd be heartbroken if VF got a similar structure, but opted against the least flashy slides in the complex.

  6. Abrupt Airtime_____________________________,y,y,1

    Sensation of Speed_________________________,y,y,2

    Out of Control Feeling/Directional Changes_,y,y,3

    Positive G's/Loops_________________________,y,y,4

    Lateral Forces_____________________________,y,y,5

    Floating Airtime___________________________,y,y,6



    Maverick Cedar Point OH,y,n,1

    Favorite Wood Coaster Any Park Anywhere **,y,n,2

    Skyrush Hersheypark PA,y,n,3

    Cheetah Hunt Busch Gardens Tamp FL,y,n,4

    Great Bear Hersheypark PA,y,n,5

    Manta SeaWorld Orlando FL,y,n,6

    Storm Runner Hersheypark PA,y,n,7

    Powder Keg Silver Dollar City MO,y,n,8

    Montu Busch Gardens Tamp FL,y,n,9

    Revenge of the Mummy Universal Studios FL,y,n,10

    Expedition Everest Disney Animal King FL,y,n,11

    Hungarian Horntail Islands of Adventu FL,y,n,12

    Mystery Mine Dollywood TN,y,n,13

    Millennium Force Cedar Point OH,y,n,14

    Journey to Atlantis SeaWorld Orlando FL,y,n,15

    Flight of Fear Kings Island OH,y,n,16

    Incredible Hulk Islands of Adventu FL,y,n,17

    Whizzer Six Flags Great Am IL,y,n,18

    X-Flight Six Flags Great Am IL,y,n,19

    Wildfire Silver Dollar City MO,y,n,20

    SheiKra Busch Gardens Tamp FL,y,n,21

    Sooperdooperlooper Hersheypark PA,y,n,22

    Tennessee Tornado Dollywood TN,y,n,23

    Chinese Fireball Islands of Adventu FL,y,n,24

    Top Thrill Dragster Cedar Point OH,y,n,25

    Mamba Worlds of Fun MO,y,n,26

    Kumba Busch Gardens Tamp FL,y,n,27

    Wild Eagle Dollywood TN,y,n,28

    Batman The Ride/Clone SF & Other Parks **,y,n,29

    Rock n Roller Coaster Disney's H Studios FL,y,n,30

    Fahrenheit Hersheypark PA,y,n,31

    Space Mountain Disneyland CA,y,n,32

    Space Mountain WDW Magic Kingdom FL,y,n,33

    Hollywood Rip Ride Ro Universal Studios FL,y,n,34

    Kraken SeaWorld Orlando FL,y,n,35

    California Screamin' Disney CA Adventur CA,y,n,36

    Big Thunder Mountain WDW Magic Kingdom FL,y,n,37

    Big Thunder Mountain Disneyland CA,y,n,38

    Fav Vek Mine Tr. 785m Any Park Anywhere **,y,n,39

    Wild Thing Valleyfair! MN,y,n,40

    Diamondback Kings Island OH,y,n,41

    Raging Bull Six Flags Great Am IL,y,n,42

    Matterhorn Bobsleds Disneyland CA,y,n,43

    Joker's Jinx Six Flags America MD,y,n,44

    Mr. Freeze Reverse Bl Six Flags St. Loui MO,y,n,45

    Flight Deck Kings Island OH,y,n,46

    Backlot Stunt Coaster Cedar Fair Parks **,y,n,47

    Dark Knight Six Flags Parks **,y,n,48

    Raptor Cedar Point OH,y,n,49

    Patriot Worlds of Fun MO,y,n,50

    Firehawk Kings Island OH,y,n,51

    Superman - Ultimate F Six Flags Parks **,y,n,52

    Spongebob Squarepants Nickelodeon Univ MN,y,n,53

    Fav Windstorm Any Park Anywhere **,y,n,54

    Fav Arrow Mine Train Any Park Anywhere **,y,n,55

    Batwing Six Flags America MD,y,n,56

    Magnum XL-200 Cedar Point OH,y,n,57

    Gemini Cedar Point OH,y,n,58

    Fav El Loco Any Park Anywhere **,y,n,59

    Mantis Cedar Point OH,y,n,60

    Fav Vek Susp Loop SLC Any Park Anywhere **,y,n,61

    Fav Half Pipe Any Park Anywhere **,y,n,62

    Excalibur Valleyfair! MN,y,n,63

    Superman - Ride of St Six Flags America MD,y,n,64

    Fav Intamin Impulse Any Park Anywhere **,y,n,65

    Fav Gerstlauer Spinn. Any Park Anywhere **,y,n,66

    Fav Vekoma Invertigo Any Park Anywhere **,y,n,67

    Fav Arrow Corkscrew Any Park Anywhere **,y,n,68

    Fav Vekoma Boomerang Any Park Anywhere **,y,n,69

    Fav Wild Mouse Any Park Anywhere **,y,n,70

    Iron Dragon Cedar Point OH,y,n,71

    Dragon Adventureland IA,y,n,72

    Fav Spinning Mouse Any Park Anywhere **,y,n,73

    Apocalypse Six Flags America MD,y,n,74

    Vortex Kings Island OH,y,n,75

    Ninja Six Flags St. Loui MO,y,n,76

    Fav Powered `Coaster' Any Park Anywhere **,y,n,77

  7. Does every park have a token creepy dude(s), who's sole purpose in life is to ride the major coaster or coasters as many times as they can? I've seen this at several parks including Cedar Point, and Carowinds.


    The guy is clearly deranged and should be avoided at all costs. If he breaks park rules: throw him out of the park; and if he breaks the law: throw him in general population at Chino where he'll be the one getting ridden all the time.


    Valleyfair had their own group. The three of them would be at the park 5-6 times a week, and would just alternate between watching the two live music shows. It was so bizarre. They were always there when I'd visit, and they'd just be plopped down, watching the shows. They'd always take pictures with the casts after each show, and even got multiple crappy t-shirts made with the photos on them that they'd wear to the shows.


    Then when Haunt would roll around, they'd be their every night. Opening night, they'd hit up every maze once, then for the rest of the season, they would only go through the park's Chateau Du Damne maze. Over and over again; racking up hundreds of walkthroughs during the event's run.


    No idea why they didn't just apply to work Haunt...

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