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  1. Considering how it looked just last weekend, I'd be very surprised if there were any test runs "very soon." Most of the road steel was still lying on the ground and there were workers all over the layout adjusting the track gauge and such. If I had to venture a guess, I'd think testing in early April, assuming good weather between now and then. Maybe Mid-April.


    The above is purely speculation. However, if the park is aiming for a Memorial Day opening, they still have plenty of time. I'd think that Memorial Day would be perfect: three-day weekend, tons of folks at the park, plenty of time for out-of-towners to drive to SA and back and still have a full day at the park, AND there's an ACE event the very next weekend.


    Ohhhhh, ye of little faith...LOL

  2. Just to let y'all know, I've been forwarding some of your comments to my coworkers at RMC. We're very proud that Irat, and Outlaw, are the coasters nearly everyone is talking about. Anything less than a #1 and #2 best new coaster vote this year for these two masterpieces, would be a crime. We are anxiously awaiting the 1st test runs as well, and the day is drawing near.........PLEASE STAY TUNED!!!!!!

  3. Technically, The Phoenix is circa 1947, just relocated in 1984-1985. I think it still counts as pre-80's....JMO


    I consider it designed in the 1940's, but built in the 1980's. I'm not completed versed in wood relocations, but my understanding is only a percentage of the original structure ends up in the new place.


    I'm not sure that they could have used a new wood structure because they didn't have the Rocket's blueprints when they relocated it. Didn't they number all of the boards and ship them to Elysburg on a bunch of trucks?


    Now, granted, they had to come up with some way to create new footers, so I could be wrong. But I'm pretty sure that the Phoenix's wooden support structure is original.


    I should have phrased my comment differently. I remember listening to John Fetterman speak at an event a few years ago and I recall him saying all the vertical supports can be reused in a relocation but all the track has to be new.


    If you go by the news article that was posted in the San Antonio Express News, about the sale and move of The Rocket in 1985, it states that "every piece of the track and support structure, was dismantled and labeled, then loaded onto flatbed trailers and shipped to Elysburg, PA". I remember seeing pictures of the trucks that were loaded, and there were track sections on some of them. They may have replaced the steel on the rails, though. I guess its just splitting hairs, really. I rode it in 1973 the first time, at the age of 6. It was my first coaster, and I've been waiting for the day when I can get to Knoebel's and ride it again. Hell, we could probably start a whole new thread just pertaining to this, and other coaster relocations.

  4. You have to have it for 12 months. The park is not open for all 12 months. So why would you want to pay during the months the park is not open?


    It's meant for people who aren't able to pay the full price all at once, it just spreads out the payments. You have to have it for 12 months otherwise people would use it when the park is open and then cancel it.


    It also includes things that a season pass wouldnt cover, like ERT events, VIP entry, Bring-a-Friend free days, etc. Total price comes out near the same, but to me, the perks are worth it. Wife and I are switching to Memberships this season for sure

  5. This coaster looks great and all, but I want to know: Do you think it'll be able to compare to NTaG?

    well, first off, if you wanna be technical, the layouts are totally different, so no comparison there..........iRat is taller, steeper, and faster, plus the inversion, AND more overbanks.....however, NTaG is the ORIGINAL RMC I-box coaster, which makes it the benchmark for all that follow......But it really seems like apples and oranges to me.

  6. OK TPR, I got the go-ahead from my boss to post these pics, hope you enjoy them........also, as much as I hate to say it, I havent seen any pictures that do this ride justice. You cant capture the pure massiveness of this coaster, unless you're standing right next to it. It's truly amazing!!! Even the guys on the crew comment almost daily about how awesome this thing is gonna be. Coming from people that actually build these rides, as a career, that HAS to tell you something.


    from top of the cliff, under the final drop into tunnel


    dont need to tell you this location...haha


    ...from barrel roll at left, this is what replaces the helix


    ...and so on...


    ...and so on...


    ...and so on...


    even though this pic doesnt how much detail, its one of my faves

  7. To show everyone the area and ride we are discussing, here is a screen grab:



    Even without Power Surge, you can see how much room is available still. If Power Surge is taken out, even more massive amounts of space become open.


    I've heard Power Surge has been on the chopping block forever, and like others said, has never actually happened. IMO it should be taken out eventually. It NEVER has a line. And I'm pretty sure it only runs 1-2 boats. Like you guys said, it's expensive. They don't need it as a water attraction as they have the log flume (a pretty good one at that) and the rapids ride which is pretty long and decent. And during the super hot summers literally everyone goes to the water park anyways.


    Actually, PS usually runs 3 minimum, and 4 quite often during the hotter months, although they're not full loads. I STILL say move Pandemonium to one side at least (its not like its a hard ride to move, and you'll have oodles of space to play with. Why they put that coaster right in the middle, I have no idea. Something tells me it'll be a couple of seasons before SFFT thinks about another major ride though.

  8. Worst park I've ever been too. Had more fun at Disney parks.


    Had a day to kill, saw the park and hit it up after 2 phone calls. We knew going in Superman was down, and the Rattler was being rebuilt. No one, on either call, said Poltergeist was not going to run due to the cold weather, then Pandemonium was being worked on, then while in line for Road Runner it breaks down.


    Lamest park ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    After Cedar Point, we've become spoiled....

    I take it you've never had a bad day...LOL

  9. They wouldn't have to move anything! There's so much room back by the boardwalk for expansion it's ridiculous! After iRat I hope they really turn their attention to this area of the park.

    I'm with you, there is much potential in that SW corner. With proper planning, a medium-sized woodie and a good flat could fit, and would do well back there. Right now, Pandemonium is the only reason to venture back into that corner. As far as removing Power Surge, I'm hoping they dont, cuz its a quick cool down which is very much needed for those who dont wanna deal with all White Water Bay hassle, and the other water rides dont offer as much "splash". Besides, A coaster could go over part of Power Surge without need for removing it.

  10. Yeah, Jakizle...A boardwalk setting just HAS to have a woodie in it, I agree. How about a semi-re-creation of The Rocket, which was the original woodie in San Antonio. I dont think Knoebel's is going to let us have it back ...LMAO. The room is certainly there, in that back corner, and if you wanted a little more room back there, Pandemonium is easy enough to move to another area of the park; It could go where Boomerang is......HINT HINT. We've got enough wood sitting around right now to start one tomorrow. LOL.

  11. ...and tomorrow, I'll be up on top if that huge bump...LOL. First day went really well. As suspected, these RMC guys are a cool group and very enjoyable to work with. I am being trained to install the track (welding, aligning, etc.). Of course, I was given the speech today by the boss about what I am allowed to discuss publicly, and what pix I can and cannot post. Needless to say, it was stressed to speak "in general". RMC is very protective of their designs and methods, and rightfully so. I now have a new appreciation for what goes into a project such as this. If the weather holds out as it has, should see good progress the next couple of weeks.

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