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  1. thanks so much for the post. i was lucky enough to visit WSMK in 1976 (well -- i guess that goes without saying; when ELSE could i have visited) when i was about 7 or so, on vacation in Atlanta. like someone in one of your previous posts, i could remember very little about the place -- despite being a huge fan of all the Krofft shows, the park had precious little to do with its TV counterparts. (the pinball machine ride left a stamp on my brain, but little else.) in fact, after a good 20 years of telling people about the park -- especially in the pre-internet years -- i met with so little affirmation that this place had actually ever existed, i became convinced that i had dreamed the whole thing... that is, until i read about it in a Krofft book in the 90s. talk about obscure. hopefully with the upcoming Land Of The Lost feature film, there will be a renewed interest in all things Krofft, and maybe more information will start to resurface. thanks again.
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