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  1. The next question is, what are they going to call it?

    How about Fahrenfright?


    I think it's a little unnecessary for HP to change their rides' names for Halloween. Just my opinion.


    changing the signs is when it gets a little unnecessary.

    I'll surely head up there sometime tho, nothing like rollbacks on Storm Runner!!!! (true story,) or riding everything in sweatshirts.


    And it's impossible for a park like Hershey to stay open 365 days. You can not justify staffing 300+ people (guessing) and scheduling them when you dont even know the weather. And no ones going to work if they just say if it snows then we don't open. And staffing 300 people when the weather is 40 degrees and raining and maybe 5 people show up to the park is pointless. It's also a perfect time for construction and the rides to get all their security checks done.

  2. Well this sucks. I'll be living right next to this thing. Look forward to the world's most boring construction updates in 2009.


    Man, i want some in-depht PTR's of the construction.


    People will visit it, but more people would visit it in a place like NYC or Hollywood or the Grand Canyon (ha). I just don't see what's so interesting to look at around Orlando. Maybe we can all have a picnic on it or something.

  3. SFA does suck. But it doesn't matter who owns the park. Its still going to be the same public going there and working there.


    this could easilly lead us down that ugly road talking about racism and what people really mean when they call the place "ghetto".


    *shrug* most the time I have a great time at the park. Add in some decent attractions and recruit enough employs to properly staff the park every day and you'll see things looking great there.


    Amen, there are some world class rides there. It's just the worst theme park atmosphere ever. Concrete, hot, 10 minuets to dispatch one train on Batwing, and bad employees. And burned buildings sitting around aparently. The rides make the visit worth it, but once im done riding them there's no reason for me to be there, and the atmosphere doesn't make me want to come back as much as say go to another park.

  4. Baseball is being played this year. It's the last year it will be. Unless they reinstate it, which happens all the time.


    Baseball is a international sport now. It's being played everywhere, the World Classic is proof of that. As is the Little League World Series.


    Haha, shows how much I know... Or how little the tv station here is actually showing.


    My bad


    Undersood, it isn't a big sport at all in Europe, but everywhere else it is. It's very popular in central and south america, along with asia and stuff.

  5. According to this site Phelps is the 494th most common last name in the US, with over 57,000 people sharing it.


    Smith FTW!


    There should be four medals awarded: gold for first, silver for second, bronze for third, and plywood for Canadian.


    Dan "Tied for 41st with zero medals!" Smith


    Are the summer olypics even on tv up in canada?


    -Lance "Kyrgyzstan has a medal now, but not Canada, but we can all wait to the winter olympics" Lundy

  6. I've seen it, it's not the new one. It's from a whole bunch of ultimat thrill things from like 2003.


    Ah i have tons of those on VHS lol. I was watching them, the days where "Hypersonic XLC was the biggest and baddest ride to ever hit Kings Dominion, and would be a great coaster for ages to come" There's a whole segment on it and it's gone already.

  7. Oh well. I was confused as to how a park in SC was going to be a year round attraction anyways.


    Ha, you guys think the park is dead now, just wait until winter when not a sole is on the beaches. Them staying open over the winter is a stupid idea in my opinion. It's summer when kids are not in school, college kids are home, and families are on vacation. That doesn't happen in the winter. Im surprised this hasn't came up as often. They have to lose a lot more money in the winter then they are now.

  8. I was trying to figure out why they'd produce a show about rollercoasters for the GP? I mean this show obviously isn't for any coaster nerd, because it lacked a lot of vital information. So I wondered...why create it? I'm not exactly sure on this, but I'm guessing it's to promote tourism on suffering theme parks to the GP. Any takers on this theory?


    I would say that maybe 13 year olds would watch it and be like "that looks awesome omg we should go there," but what 13 year olds watch the Travel Channel? Travel Channels highest percentage of viewers is of retired people, and im sure these shows don't interest them. Maybe they just make shows like this to try and interest a younger generation, but it doesn't make a ton of sense.


    This is probably why we haven't seen any since like 02-03. Ha

  9. I think Bush is doing a fine job with the world we live in right now.


    In our part of the world Bush is portrayed as an idiot who is mostly responsible for the "world we live in right now".


    agreed as in that's what were told, but I dont believe it. It's mainly congresses fault, but we don't hear that in the news.

  10. anyone notice how loud the inta-rattle was on Fahrenheit? You could barley hear the guy talking because of it. I was there that day when they filmed it, some guy was filming me walking in but I guess I wasn't looking good enough for tv. The ride ops were telling me of the annoying girl freaking out and how they had to shut down the ride to get the camera on and stuff.

  11. I don't think ether of them will be much different then Bush is right now. Congress is what's messed up, and congress has essentially more power then the President. I think Bush is doing a fine job with the world we live in right now. I don't think our country will be perfect if Obama or McCain becomes president like everyone is sold on.


    I'm not calling him good, but he's not as bad as everyone says.


    And, Im republician and supported Huckabee, but I prefer Obama over McCain. I might like Ron Paul more then Obama, but I haven't seen enough or heard enough of Paul, and I would of voted McCain over Hillary as well.

  12. the "waterpark" will be packed if it's hot out, and the coasters will have short queue's. if it's colder out there will be more people on the coasters then not, and checking windows sidebar it's only supposed to get up to 76 degrees Monday. With that said, Hershey has the weirdest attendance. One beautiful warm Wednesday the park is empty and then the next day same weather but it's packed. Nothing beside Fahrenheit should be much more then 30 mins. Maybe all three of you could hit up the single rider line, just pretend you dont know each other ha.

  13. SROS DL/SFA - a 90 degree turn inches above the ground. mad fun

    Goliath - Stengel Dive


    That super long helix on the S:RoS mirrors is probably the most boring part of the ride. They are way too big and drawn out.


    Also, turning the top of one hill sideways is not that big of a deal. I mean, it's fun, but a regular air hill would be pretty much just as fun.




    Anyway, looks like a cool ride, definately much needed at KI.


    I meant the turn after the drop. If you're sitting on the inside i find it to be one of the funnest moments on a ride. The helix's suck tho. Honestly, if they got rid of both of them and put in some sharp turns and hills it would be awesome. SFA has all that room and made a ride that looked like it was designed on RCT2 by a 10 year old. With that said it's still in my (credit lacking) top 5. The parts that dont suck are awesome and some of the best, then you just sit back and yawn through those helix's and that one straight-away.

  14. ^^And it's that bunny hop that makes the S:ROS clones great.


    I'm reserving judgement for when I ride it many years from now. But from what I see, it's really just another B&M Hyper. The only large-sized B&M Hyper I've been on is Nitro, and that really felt like sitting in a reclining chair with a fan blowing in your face. If it wasn't for that first drop, I wouldn't have liked it even close to as much as I did.


    Now, I haven't ridden Behemoth, but from what I hear these new trains give the backseat riders some great airtime, as the train is much longer. I would love to ride this, don't get me wrong, I'm just not super psyched about it.


    And, to argue against the idea that hypers can't be original, what about S:ROS at SFNE? That's a much different ending than the typical hyper. And Goliath at Walibi World (or whatever that park is now)? Sure, it's got multiple airtime hills, but it mixes it up with a stengel dive and a few twists and turns. Hypers can be original, it just takes some creativity, which these B&M Hypers just don't seem to have much of.


    ^B&M Hypers never do anything new. This is why more entusiasts prefer Intamins over Beemers.


    Expedetion Ge Force - first drop, and tons of turns (and it's not even a hyper, but that's the goal kinda)

    Millenium Force - 310 feet

    SROS SFNE- tons of turns and dives and fast hills

    SROS DL/SFA - a 90 degree turn inches above the ground. mad fun

    Goliath - Stengel Dive


    and compare Nitro, Behemoth, Apollo's Chariot, Diamonback, and there's not much difference.


    With that said however, considering the GP of Ohio have probably only been to Cedar Point and KI, they haven't seen a B&M Hyper yet, and im sure the elements of a B&M Hyper will be new to them and considering 99%+ of theme park visiters are "GP," then it's a great fit for the park.


    B&M's are much more reliable and have a better track record, so it makes sence to choose that over Intamin.

  15. The ride will have airtime, it's foolish to think not. Look at Goliath, Apollo's Chariot, Nitro, Behemoth. They all have airtime, and there's no way this ride wont. I'm excited for the ride to open.


    I think most people are just waiting for a hyper coaster to have say the 3rd bunny hop under 100ft tall so the train will fly over it and cause ejector air.


    Anywho, does anyone notice how nice the drop looks. It seems to get steeper and steeper till the last second.

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