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  1. What all is served at Foot Etc. Is it general cafeteria food or is it specifically American food (hotdogs, hamburgers, fries, etc.)?


    Sushi as well. That, oddly enough, is quite good from what I hear because it is made fresh by an outside vendor and NOT SFMM's food department.


    Hmm--I guess it beats "gas-station sushi."

    So the sushi is better than nothing?....Ok I'll show myself out. But to me the BBQ place was the best food option at SFMM even though it was overpriced.


  2. I've made it a point to ignore this thread for a while, but are people really freaking out over a roof? Ever been to CGA? That park could seriously use roofs over some of it's rides, even if they look like what they built over YOLOcoaster. A roof is a roof, shade is shade. The coaster experience stays the same, so who cares?


    Agreed. I don't go to a six flags park to ride the building. I go for the ride...

    Come on guys we need to be nice to the certified Roofing Enthusiasts. This is a big deal to them.

  3. On Saturday, I talked to the YOLO ops at the entrance and they said that the ride was closed due to rain on Thursday and then on Friday it got stuck in the tunnel and had been stuck since. Apparently they were having trouble getting the LSMs in the tunnel to fire with enough power to get the train over the top hat after many tries. It kept rolling back.

    Is this the death of the backwards launch for YOLO some of us predicted way back when?

  4. Dear Title Fairy, can I please get my current signature "Trying to look smart on the TPR forums since 2008" as a title, or something insulting that's a little more current then my current title. Thank you. And I'm oh so looking forward to it.


  5. I truly don't understand some people. Robb runs the site well and we come here to use it, then some people try to question how he runs it. lol All I'm saying is lets just enjoy the great site it is and not get so worked up over stuff sometimes. Sadly though I know there will be the occasional idiot though that comes by and wants to do it his way. On topic, YOLO looks cooler than I thought and I can't wait for it now.

    -Cookie "Thanks for giving us TPR Robb" Iorio

  6. Being 18, I'm not old enough to know the good old times of Magic Mountain but what I do know is that today my friends think it's a joke. Don't get me wrong we love the coasters and everything but the park has become a one trick pony. And on top of that the employees don't seem to care about their job, being on cell phones and whatnot, as well as the upkeep of the rides or the experience for the guest is just nothing compared to the parks in the greater LA area. So to me I think people have a right to be upset that the park is a shell of what it once was, not because of nostalgia but because I think we'd all love to see it be a great park again.


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