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  1. Just visited Erik's town. Pretty neat to play it in real time. Unfortunately, when I was putting stuff in the train station fluffy, fluffy bunny filled with medicine and goo it said an error occurred and I lost some supplies I got and it kicked me back to my town. Still pretty cool.


    What did you lose? Hopefully everyone should still have the trade fruit since I saved a few minutes before the online crash.

    What happened? Fortunately I only lost some fish.

  2. Don't forget that one if the rocks in your town (when hit by your shovel) dispenses a bunch of bells. (One random rock a day). You usually can get about 6,000+ bells a day doing that.

    I didn't even know you could hit the rocks. I just found a silver nugget in one and sold it for 3,000 bells.

  3. Hopefully this doesn't mean a near end of the 3DS's life..but one can only speculate, right?

    I'm thinking the holiday season is going to unfortunately be sink or swim for the 3DS. With Mario Kart, Super Mario, Star Fox, and Kid Icarus all coming out in the next few months, along with the cheaper price, if sales don't bump up drastically I'm not sure anything can help.


    And for the record, I hate the name Wii-U. I think I like Drop Tower better .

  4. I'm not familiar with this park but Hersheypark has a volunteer program that allows people to operate the rides. I had all of 30 seconds of training when I was left by myself to operate a kiddie swing ride. On another occasion I was checking the lap bars on Lightening Racer. I would hope they train employees more.

    Please don't take offense to this, but that statement TERRIFIES ME! I'm sure you did just fine and were intelligent enough to do it, but what about those who aren't?

    Cedar Point does it too:



    Its always fun seeing "volunteers" trying to check the heights of kids, checking Millennium Force restraints, or even operating the occasional kiddie ride.

  5. Diamondback had waits of over 7 hours; For a B&M Hyper with great capacity.


    Diamondback has never had anything close to a 7 hour wait. The longest was around 3-3.5 hours on opening day, stretching all the way around Diamondback to The Crypt.


    Umm, no.

    I'm not sure where you're getting your info, but Diamondback NEVER had a 7 hour wait. A better answer than "Umm, no" might be appropriate here.

  6. Don't more people go for rides than water anyways?

    Depends on the park and in Kentucky Kingdom's case, no. When I was at KK, Deluge and Mega Wedgie had an hour waits less than fifteen minutes after the park opened. Meanwhile Chang, T2, or Thunder Run didn't pass the five minute mark all day.


    Holiday World in my opinion really doesn't have much to offer in the ride department.

    So three of the top wooden coasters in the world aren't good enough?

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