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  1. photo.PNG.7af9fbc856b95b2cb4ab5a022654e8f7.PNG


    I'm not sure why I didn't think of this earlier, but I finally found a use for all that Valentines Day stuff I had haphazardly sitting around my Springfield. I just wish you could use everything in Krustyland - it doesn't make a whole lot of sense that some stuff you can and others like the Choo-Choo or the pond you can't.

  2. I have weird and ultra-specific habits for what I take and where they go on me.


    Front left pocket is always cell phone (and occasionally chapstick), front right is keys, back right is wallet and if we're spending a full day at a park the back left will be a water bottle. Anything more and I feel like I'm just bogged down with too much stuff. Anything less and I'll have constant waves of "Oh my God did I lose my ____?!"

  3. In other Carnival news, they have been rolling out a new dining program in the Main Dining Rooms on their ships (starting with the Carnival Glory last week, and starting on the Carnival Liberty, Imagination, and Inspiration in the next couple months).


    Appetizers, sides, and desserts are now served family style for the table, on formal night every table gets the same appetizer sampler platter, side, and dessert to share (there's no choice), and tablecloths are only used on formal nights.


    Yikes. I'm hoping this either bombs or doesn't make it past those few ships. We're going on the Sunshine in September (a friends 30th birthday cruise who refuses to sail on any other line despite comparable prices at the same time) and after seeing this we both agree we would avoid those nights at all costs.

  4. Yep just checked and have no elf issues.


    Are there any tricks to the wheel??


    It doesn't seem like it. I only have a few real prizes left so about 75% of my spins are coming up either money or more gift cards. But I've been getting at least three spins a day with the Egg Nog bar and gift card accumulation so I'm not really worried and figure I'll get everything eventually.

  5. It took 71,000+ gift cards, but I finally got everything on the spinning wheel.


    Also, broke the 60mil mark, so I uprooted all my housing farms (made tracts out of some of them, lot of work to do) so I bought the Popsicle tower and magnifying glass just for fun.


    Bring on the next challenge!!


    60 mil?!


    And here I was all proud that I had saved up 500,000 and am halfway to the popcicle skyscraper.

  6. So, it looks like we finally made it to the half way point for our first global prize. As it looks now, based on the daily rate of increase, and if my timeline calculations are correct, we should be able to get 2 global prizes and be about half way into our third. I think EA undercalculated the Halloween expansion and are making us suffer for it in Christmas.




    The numbers seem to have shot up today, as we're now only 20,000,000 away from the first prize. There must have been some adjustment of numbers, as last time I was on I only saw us being about halfway there.

  7. Anybody else having trouble with the "Place the Helter Shelter" quest? Mine is completed but it's showing not completed yet.


    This sure is a buggy update.


    When I first logged on this morning, I swear I saw an update download for about 2 seconds before the game booted up. Perhaps this is to solve some of these bugs.

  8. I'm just happy my Ravens finally won. It was a good game, but man we need to get our run game going.

    Yeah, so much for Ray Rice in the first round for fantasy, that was a big mistake.


    There was a great quote in the Baltimore Sun about Ray Rice which was something like "He looks like a little kid in a puffy snowsuit trying to run". It's also all but been confirmed by Harbaugh that he's battling injuries that are obviously effecting him this year.

  9. I've enjoyed this season much more than the past few. There's enough organic drama with loved ones, reception island and the normal vote that nothing has felt forced. I do feel the challenges have been a bit puzzle-heavy to try to make things fair between everyone, but that's only a small complaint.

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