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  1. The Water Boggan got it's original start at Lake Myers Family Campground in Mocksville, NC . My Uncle, Dwight Myers, built it in the mid 70's. It was a basic hill with a concrete flume through it. It was such a success, he knew that he had something on his hands. I want to believe that he built the one in South Myrtle beach first. My Parents were asked to manage the park in 1980. I have a picture of me and my sister standing by the sign on Hwy 17 (That never changed in 25 years) and there are actually trees. A sight not seen anymore in M.B. We moved there and lived in a mobile home beh
  2. Is anyone interested in this anymore? My family use to own the Water Boggan's both in South Myrtle and North Myrtle. I have a lot of old photos and tons of memories!!
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