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  1. Yay smoking!

    Yes it is a nasty habit.

    I started smoking cigars and it was very relaxing, I still enjoy smoking cigars, but cigarrettes are made so much more addictive that once you smoke one a couple of times, the urge is there to keep smoking. The truth is they are extremely addictive, and they're not good for you.


    However, I am a smoker like I said, and I enjoy it, but I don't do it around people that can't stand it, or do it in public places. If I do, I make sure that I stand downwind, and never blow it in someone's face. It does irritate me however when people feel like they have to say something to you in public about how cigarettes kill and/or fake cough. It get's really annoying.

  2. Both of my parents have smoked as long as I have been alive. I grew up with them smoking in the house and after we moved 11 years ago, they vowed not to smoke in the house again. However, I found that I actually enjoyed the smell of smoke. Now that I'm 18 though I smoke cigars/cigarillos occasionally, mostly because I enjoy the smell of them.

  3. Everyone wants meat meat meat meat meat!!


    Hell if you want meat go eat a meatloaf!


    I enjoy the Big Mac because of the special sauce and the extra bun in the middle plus all that lettuce, I like lettuce. To me it is more appealing. It is overall tastier too.


    Geez, get off the big mac would ya!?


    Haha, I voted quarter pounder... mmmm.

  4. Somebody probably got confused and tried to broadcast the "Handy Manny" tv show, but broadcast a porno of the same name instead.. mistakes happen....


    One of our lessons in art class a couple of years ago was to analyze different videos... the ghost in "Three Men and a Baby", the "Aladdin" "all teenagers take off your clothes" thing, and "The Little Mermaid" penis thing all were shown! I have to say it was a great lesson...

  5. Lol, I don't know, it takes a second to get used to it for me. Some I can look at and instantaneously see the picture while others will take me a couple of minutes.


    I just now saw what that one was composed of!^^^

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