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  1. Yea, the rest of the park will be more original. I have to stay consistent with the other disney parks on main street, but my "Lands" will have similar rides, different looks and placement More Fantasy land Pre-Rides My Little Mermaid Ride and It's a small world in Fantasyland
  2. Hey, I've recreated Disneyland, The Magic Kingdom, and California Adventure, but now I'm making a new Disney park in the spirit of Disneyland and The Magic Kingdom. I'm going to post the progress of the park here. Any comments or questions are welcome! The Castle
  3. The Current Indiana Jones Ride is not up to par with the rest of the park, it's a something I will be updating soon. I will post screens when I complete it
  4. Alright, I was tweeking the .zip files, and I think I got it so it can be downloaded here. Let know if there are any questions RCT2 Disney.zip Disney Parks and Custom Music File SCR65.BMP Train Station
  5. The files are just too big for these sites, so the link allows you to download the parks, too bad nobody can see it. Not spamming, just trying to share the parks with people. Oh well.
  6. I also posted my site with more pictures and ways to download. Thanks for the compliments, glad you enjoy them. ADMIN EDIT: Link removed as per TPR's TOS.
  7. Is this an update to my California Adventure recreation? http://ohiolandshark.googlepages.com/californiaadventurerct2
  8. I recreated Disneyland, Magic Kingdom, and California Adventure using RCT2 and custom scenery. The Link has screenshots and ways to download. Enjoy the parks and feel free to comment. I'm currently getting an updated version of the parks online for download and will post when they are available. Thanks ADMIN EDIT: Link removed. SCR70.BMP Just a taste http://ohiolandshark.googlepages.com/disneylandrct2
  9. My site now has links to download the parks quicker and easier. Just go here- http://ohiolandshark.googlepages.com/disneylandrct2 comments are still welcome
  10. I used Amazing Earl's Haunted Mansion Buggies, they look dead on like they're supposed to. Thanks for the compliment, sorry about not being able to download it.
  11. I would, but I've actually never been to Epcot or Hollywood Studios. I used to live in Phoenix, and we would visit the Disneyland Resort often, but when I went to Orlando, I went to the Magic Kingdom and both Universal Parks, but not Epcot or Hollywood Studios. I'm tempted to try Hollywood Studios because it somewhat resembles DCA, but I haven't decided which park I was doing next. I'm kinda just working with my own custom park right now, and updating the Disney Parks I have.
  12. Yeah, I really think the music adds the icing on the cake and hope people don't forget to add it. Thanks for the compliment!
  13. The Uploading website may be down, I'm going to get these parks on a more reliable site for downloading very soon. It should also quicken the download time as well. I'll keep you posted when I get get the link. Thanks.
  14. Yeah, I'm going to try to keep up with the renovations as long as I can before I remake the park completely.
  15. Hey, I now have the parks without their Holiday Overlay. Just click here- http://www.uploading.com/files/6PLKEESX/RCT2_Disney.zip.html the Fantasyland music is still here- http://www.uploading.com/en/files/7UO6KXM2/Fantasyland_Music.zip.html and the Pirates/Mansion music here- http://www.uploading.com/en/files/QYDVBVZA/Pirates_and_Mansion.zip.html and for the site with pictures here- http://ohiolandshark.googlepages.com/disneylandrct2 Thanks and Comments are still welcome!
  16. I included the file you'll need, next time you try opening the park, remember the file name that is missing, then find the correct file in the folder you downloaded, and put the missing file in your RCT 2 obj data folder. You get to that by finding your RCT program folder on your computer, and you'll see the obj data folder there. The data folder is also there so you can add the custom music. Hope this helps.
  17. The website with the Disneyland Pictures is updated now with Magic Kingdom and California Adventure Pictures as well. The site is still http://ohiolandshark.googlepages.com/disneylandrct2 Thanks
  18. The Pirates Music file is pretty big, but the parks shouldn't be that bad. But the music really adds to the parks
  19. I have recreated Disneyland, California Adventure, and Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom using RCT 2 and custom scenery. You can see some screenshots of Disneyland by going here ohiolandshark.googlepages.com/disneylandrct2. And if you want to download the parks go here www.uploading.com/files/VEG14R9I/RCT2_Disney.zip.html. The files should load up automatically but I added some files that sometimes don't come up with the park. Just take the file it needs (it'll tell you) and add it to you obj data folder. I also have custom music,Fantasyland Music, Pirates and Mansion Music, just add it your data folder. Currently the parks have their Holiday Overlay, but an Overlay free package of the parks will be put out in Jan. If you have any comments or problems, please just let me know. Thanks
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