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  1. Patriot was smooth, sure, and certainly nice and pleasant and fun. I did not, unfortunately sit in the front, I prefer to take the back than to wait, so maybe I did miss out, I don't know. Nothing bad about it, I just thought it was not as forceful as others.


    Timberwolf is not the world's worst coaster. That's not what I'm saying. It just didn't cater to my interests. I thought it was rough to the point of painful, had awkward pacing as in there were flat spots, like those turns, and that one part where it had to be chained up one of the hills. I thought it was too long, too meandering, and overall, nothing to take note of when there is a brand new GCI woodie just a short walk away.


    ^ And thanks, haha, I'm glad you caught that. It's wonderful to be able to say that in a place where people understand exactly what I'm talking about.


    Pretty much agreed on both of these points. Patriot is ok, nothing to write home about. Timberwolf is bad, but not quite god awful.

  2. Did not play any games at WoF this year. I can't even remember the last time I played games at an amusement park. Maybe when I was little @ the Adventure Dome in las vegas


    What the hell am I supposed to do with a gigantic monkey or a basketball ? Bounce it around and annoy the hell out of people?


    Or maybe I am just a cheap ass who doesn't know how to have real fun, dunno.

  3. Great Trip Report!


    If I may ask a question when did you go? That looked like a rather huge crowd for so early in the season but that may have been for all the downtime you experienced. I'm rather scared I may not get on everything now if the coaster downtime is that bad when I get there. I'll only be there about 2 and a half days and I hope to ride everything at least once and my favorites twice or more. I guess I should just prepare myself for the worst and hope for the best at this point.


    Also what are the address's for the Toft's outside the park so I can put them in my GPS and take a visit while I'm there, I love ice cream too!


    Again though great trip report, I worry for my poor boyfriend at this point in riding Maverick, I sure hope he survives(joking mostly but we plan on hitting it first and if it's that bad wow what a terrible first coaster but I won't know till I ride it of course) I should be fine but who knows.


    2.5 days is plenty of time assuming rides are running the majority of the time. If things are going good @ the park, even on a busy day you can get on most rides. First day Maverick opened in 2007 I still got on pretty much ever ride except 3 coasters (Woodstock, Disaster Transport, Wicked Twister). 2nd day I was there hit everything else, and as you said hit the best rides again.

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