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  1. I wasn't at the presentation where the new rides were announced, so take the following with a grain of salt...apparently the new Downdraft may be in a different location. The Mini Breakdance is definitely going in Over the Top's spot, though. In addition, the potato cake stand is apparently relocating to the old boulevard through the park (possibly the old Downdraft spot, I'm guessing?) and the existing building will become group sales.

  2. Cool thing that I saw on the ACE twitter account last night. Looks like Waldameer will be getting a Zamperla Mini Discovery 360 in 2019. It should be interesting as it may be the most thrilling flat ride there (that is all subjective though). No clue where they will fit it but they always seem to fit things in.

    It's nice to see additions to the dry side along with all the great additions to Water World that have been going on recently.

    The ride will be called Chaos and will be located behind the train station in between the two tracks.

  3. The thing that immediately struck me was an entirely separate station solely for VR. THAT sounds like the ideal way to implement VR on a coaster with minimal impact on capacity; the non-VR station can continue dispatching in the meantime. Sure, it's really not an option for parks looking to add VR to existing rides, but for any park looking to build a coaster intended to have a VR option from day one, the new Eurosat seems to be the exemplary way to do it.

  4. There are no signs out front that we saw saying caution and the attraction is not for anyone but an extremely healthy person with full mobility and no issues with disorienting experiences. The floors vibrate, rock, tilt, shake, they have those rolling barrels with spinning spirals over walkways that you have to run across, and there are no signs until the very end that someone may have a seizure or struggle.



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