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  1. Hmm, interesting...





    Quote from IGNs preview of the game:


    "From the incredible draw distance and architectural touches to the incidental, yet hugely immersive, effects like realistic smoke, destructible scenery and relentless explosions shifting huge chunks of debris around the screen, Insomniac's world is wholly believable and involving from the off."



    Final line:


    "it's unlikely Resistance is going to remembered for any advances in genre innovation but, nevertheless, its everything you'd expect from an Insomniac game - a beautifully presented, solid and satisfying entertainment experiences. What more could you possibly want from a launch title?"




    That doesnt make it sound so shallow... and im gnna believe IGN until i play the game, since they are the biggest (or one of the biggest), gaming website(s) in the world.



    linky: http://ps3.ign.com/articles/742/742522p1.html

  2. Big deal. All these people saying video games affect kids dont know what they are talking about, and have probably never played a game in their life...


    Kids are not idiots... they wont play a game where a guy goes into school and shoots his teachers, then think they can do it too...

  3. Ive started to get annoyed by these bands that think they can (or cant?) pull off really bad looking outfits when performing.

    I was watching the killers on SNL, and the lead singer was dressed like a nerd (not a typical nerd dress, but whatever...


    anyhoo, everyone in the band looked really... stupid. And i know that is their idea of being 'origional' or whatever... but i have seen alot of bands on MTV and whatnot looking like this, and it just makes them all look dumb...






    yeah. That probably made no sense... but whatever.

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