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  1. This is ludicrous. Anheuser-Busch is a leading contributor to conservation and Sea World's animals are extremely well taken care of by high qualified staff.


    The other day I was flipping through some youtube vids taken at Sea World, and I can't believe how many people comment about Sea World committing "animal cruelty" for making these animals "entertain" humans. Sea World educates its guests first, then entertains. The critics simply don't know what they're talking about. SWO has unmatched top-of-the-line rehabilitation facilities. Nobody ever mentions those...

  2. ^I understand that steel structured woodies cost less than B&M's, I was referring to the entire venture that Voyage was for Holiday World. Sure it was more affordable, but it was still a monstrous addition. Maintenance is much more intensive with wooden coasters, too, so I wouldn't be surprised at all to see a large steel coaster built. They're much more of a convenient and singular investment

  3. No B&M hyper (that I have ridden: Nitro, Apollo's, Goliath, Raging Bull) has a lot of airtime. Goliath at SFOG has the most IMO, but not a lot.


    I'm dying to hear your definition of airtime.


    I agree. Apollo and Goliath have massive quantities of airtime --- are you just not a fan of the floater-air-variety, BeemerBoy?


    As for Diamondback, there's no way in hell anyone can determine the kind of airtime this thing will deliver until opening day. They all ride differently. Nitro, for example, sucks in my opinion.

  4. Favorite place to eat: Ristorante Della Piazza --- awesome chicken parm for a theme park =D




    Griffon -Don't bother on front row. Back row is best and oftentimes has the shortest line


    Apollo - Back row. Period


    Alpengeist - great views up front, but what forces the ride has to offer are found in the back


    Loch Ness - back row. Great ejector airtime. One of the last remaining drops to still surprise my stomach


    BBW - back left seat. Amazing forces on second drop. Classic ride. Try to get a few night rides on this beast.

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