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  1. Deja Vu was closed all day on Thursday - a few rumors floating around that it is leaving. Has anyone notice if it has reopened? The entire area was gated up with 2 employees directing guests elsewhere. No activity though from trucks or construction crews.


    Actually Deja Vu reopened around 8pm on Thursday, and has been open all day every day since. When they know they are not going to open it they put the gates up until its ready to open. I hope the rumor is wrong myself, SFMM has put a lot of time and energy to keep it the best shape of any of the former Deja's. I know a few people that would be quite pissed off that it would be taken away from them...

  2. ^The park definitely has a cleaner feel now. Maybe due to the trash cans. I remember the Rapids was known for having a "Gum Tree" which is now gone. No more gum trees!

    About that frisbee, I noticed MGA also had yo-yos with their branding on it...I totally want one (or two) of those for some 2-handed looping, and a combo of 2 things I love: yo-yos and theme parks!


    Still looking for a 1993 map as well as now a 1996 map (which I believe was a revamped version of the 1993 map with color added to it).


    Ok so in the brochure it says that Intamin is the designer of Vortex, but according to RCDB and what I always thought its a B&M (even when I worked at PGA, I could have sworn it was a B&M). Can anyone confirm this?


    Those press releases are somewhat misleading. All of the letterheads say "Vortex" on it, and it caught me the first time I looked at it and thought the same. The one you probably saw was for the Edge. The Vortex one actually does say B&M on it.


    Ahhh thank you for letting me see this as I did just kind of read it fast! Feel kinda stupid now but thank you. I must have read it for The Edge or White Water Falls! Oooops!

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