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  1. I see very few reasons to believe why SFA main park would close besides people keep thinking GL. SFA isn't Geauga Lake and SFA isn't a very bad performing park. SFA won't close. I can see why people have negative views on the park but it is a bit of unfair assumptions and talk in this thread. The park is neglected a bit but could this year be the a change for the better?
  2. Yes, i agree. The park has too much potential to be just sold off and SFA doesn't even have a problem with attedance and it's one of the more better perfoming parks in the chain despite being a smaller park. That's probably why SFI hasn't done much in the past few years to the park because to be honest they didn't really HAVE to do much to keep the crowds coming. The water park also brings in alot of people. Just because it seems SFI is abandoning the park doesn't mean the park is perfoming bad at all. However, with that said this park needs some tweaks done to it and a couple new attractions and it could be a serious destination park as you said.
  3. It's the beginning of the end I tell you,this sort of reminds me of the whole raging wolf bobs derailment last year & how the park did nothing to fix it simply because even then they knew that they were closing permanently after the end of the season. Could you stop being so irritating by dragging everything negative that happens to SFA as a sign of something more? Thanks in advance. And I doubt Two Face will open this season if even at all. More than likely it will just be replaced with some kind of new attraction. Sad, but that's probably what's going to happen. Yes, its hurts that SFA will not have a haunted house this year but regardless Fright Fest should still be decent. SFA is a park that performs rather well, it just needs more attention from SFI and the park will be fine.
  4. That ride is still closed and I wont plan on seeing it running for a long time. or standing too much longer after this season...
  5. SFA is just a park with a lot of potential. If SFI just fixed up the park a little and added a new big attraction, SFA would be a whole lot better. They have a nice coaster line up already in my opinion. And no the park isn't "ghetto". I've seen worse at other parks.
  6. I really doubt they will sell SFA or SFMM. SFA is one of the best performing parks in the chain in the summer time. SFA has a bunch of land they could sell off and still have room for expansion, SF is putting too much money in the park for internal expansions and fixing up the rides to run optimally to sell the park off. SFMM also is getting some expansions such as X2 so I really doubt they are going to sell them off.
  7. I think that they re over expanding the waterpark because it's much cheaper to build a 2 million dollar waterslide than say a 5 million dollar spinning coaster,or even a simple flat ride.If this trend continues I truely see SFA going the way of GL in a few years time. Shapiro is no better than Burke,in fact he's just as bad if not worse because,like Burke he seems to be playing favorites while leaving the other parks....parks like SFA that need improvement in the way of new rides to rot.He seems to favor SFNE the most because he has family that lives up there.Ever notice that,like last year(2007) the three parks that got wiggles world them areas(SFGRAM,SFGRADV & SFNE are the same three parks getting dark knight mouse coasters in 2008? Now I'm hoping & praying that,for SFA's 10th anniversary as an SF park in 2009 we'll get something worthwhile like a new coaster or major addition/expansion to the theme park side but I'm not all that confident that such will happen.Instead I see 09 as an off year and 2010 as just another waterpark expansion or a closure of the ride side. I know it sounds pessamistic to think like that & I really want the park to improve so I can continue going back but I just don't see any real positives in their immediate future right now. SFA has internal issue to deal with before they introduce another big roller coaster into the park and that's why SFA is doing all that this year. Also, you do remember peopel that last year they sepnt 1 million on restoring Skull Mountain. And for next year they play on having ALL rides reliably operational. So NO there is no Geauga Lake thing going on, the park just has other things to focus on year besides adding new big rides. Also, the waterpark gets ALOT of traffic during the summer to it absolutely makes sense to keep expanding it.
  8. SFA was one of SF's best performing parks this year. Also, it has already been reported that alot of internal upgrades are happening for next year so theres like a 0% chance they are thinking about selling off the park. The location of SFA and the amount of land SFA has is something others would kill for. I just think that SF is taking it's time with the park as alot of things have improved over the years. SFA is one of the most beat up on parks for no reason.
  9. That article was filled with overexaggerations and a BS comparison to Disney. SFA isn't the best park in the chain but it has potential to be if Six Flags would take the time to FIX the issues at the park. If I recall, SFA was the best performing park over the memorial day weekend this year and the park always has a good crowd. People always say how SFA is one of the worst parks in the SF chain but if you look it's actually one of the best performing parks in the chain and is often shot down and generalized by Coaster Elitist because of a couple of bad experiences with SFA. The park has an amazing location(Right near D.C.) and it could be seen as a must-do when visiting D.C. as isn't more than a 30 minute drive from DC. SFA has gotten way better over the years but is still suffering because 3 things aren't happening. 1.They can't seem to keep the Rides fixed properly(Which can easily be fixed if they actually tried to fix them to make sure it doesn't happen again). 2. Not enough "New" coming to the park. With Kings Dominion no more than a 1 1/2 drive from DC, and considering SFA size as of now against KD they BETTER have alot of NEW attractions coming to the park in the next few years. 3. The other 2 don't even matter when I say this. SFA NEEDS TO BE INVESTED IN MORE. WAY MORE.
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