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  1. Hope everyone is ok. I'm sure this matter will get taken care of and will make it right for all the hurt ones involved. Just a sad day in the theme park world.

    Have you READ any of the last few pages?!??! No, everyone is NOT ok. There have been some serious injuries and one girl had to have a leg amputated. Do you think Merlin will just come along and wave his magic want and make everything right? WTF???


    Please don't come in here and make stupid posts if you haven't bothered to READ the entire discussion.




    Wow Robb, I didn't know it was that serious. No I must have missed the last few pages, my bad. We are all adults my friend and if my post was mislead by what I said my apologies but by no means did I ever say they would wave a wand to make it right. It was meant in a thoughtful way that I hope they would make things right for everyone involved to make this tragedy turn into something positive. I would never wish any harm and can't even imagine what these families are going through. Yes it's a very sad day in the TPW. If you have an issue with my posts please pm me rather than try to attack me via reply, Thank you

  2. Chicago Tribune rated The Massacre Haunted House #1 in IL 2014........


    1. The Massacre (299 Montgomery Road, Montgomery)


    Think you’re safe in the parking lot? The moment I stepped out of the car and looked up, I noticed a man wearing a mask and holding a bat giving me a life-less, Michael Myers-like stare from behind the car. This was the first of many scares at The Massacre, which was previously located in Naperville. “It’s three times as big this year and it flows better,” said general manager Nic Miele. “Some haunted houses jump from a medical facility to a person’s house. Here, you go through a waiting room in the hospital to the surgery room to the bathroom and then leave the hospital and go to an outdoor part and then a mausoleum.” I almost never get scared by costumes, but the ghoulish pope in the church set is so tall and terrifying that I unintentionally let out a religious expletive when I saw him. The cross-dressing junkie with a dollar bill in his nose, on the other hand, wasn’t scary, just persistent. He needed his fix and let me know he was willing to do anything – and I mean anything – if I helped him get it. The movie theater room that included a film playing on the screen and horror film posters in the hallway was original. The room that requires you to walk past 14 clowns was just cruel. I definitely let out an “Oh, c’mon” when I entered that room. I knew a few of the clowns were real, but the only way to find out was to walk by them, and by then it was too late. There were so many scares, it got to the point where I wondered toward the end of The Massacre what kind of effect all these haunts will have on my health. And when a haunt is so scary it makes me think about my health, it needs to be No. 1 on my list.



  3. Any reports from anything Haunt related or City Museum are ALWAYS welcomed!


    Ohh there will be


    ^^ Yeah it was tough choosing from the many different things to do but I had to choose the museum from all the reports from here. I will save the Price is Fright for next year.


    I will keep my eye out for you this weekend and I'll be sure to say hi!

    Sounds good. I 'll most likey will be wearing a massacre haunted house hoodie.......The Darkness I here is awesome!!! That is one house I would love to check out!

  4. Yup, I will be there! I was planning do a report after the event but there is so much going on that one report won't be able to cover it at all.


    Are you doing the City Museum event Friday?


    Not sure yet, I've been wanting to go there so bad but don't know if i'll have time. Going to try my best to see as much as I can... I know we are going to The Darkness and www.thepriceisfright.com/ so far.

  5. I don't quite understand why people think a huge Metropolitan area like Atlanta can't support two water parks.


    Wouldn't it be 3.5 water parks now?? Lake Lanier Islands water park and Lake Winnie too?? Love Whitewater and it's surroundings. But I do agree with you Robb, I think they will all do well! viva la water parks!

    I wouldn't add Lake Winnie into the discussion. Sure, it's only an hour and a half north, but it's a completely different target market that probably won't suffer from anything SFOG adds. If anything, I suspect Lake Lanier would hurt the most from this. We visited that quirky little aging park a couple years ago, and I'm surprised it continues to hang on. Truth is though, you could put a few puddles and slides anywhere in a warm climate and people will find their way to it.



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