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Drop Tower Simulator Idea

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So I dont go on here much, and I had no idea where to post this so I figured it would go under models lol. Anyway this is an idea I have had in my head for quite a long time and I figured since I had alittle freetime today I'd make it a reality. The idea is that you take a drop tower and strap a motion simulator(basically like the cabins on Mission Space in EPCOT) to the side of it. I would consider even covering it up with a themed tower to add to the experience of the ride. Multiple drop towers could be added as well so the capacity could be greater but since it is a drop tower the rides base would still be relatively small without consuming a ton of land.


Structurally I dont know how this would work, but I would assume it is a cable based system so that way it has more control rather than air in a typical S&S tower. The cabins would have the ability to change roll and pitch while the body of the simulator can go up and down the tower. I tried my best in the models to make them realistic structurally, but I am by no means an engineer. Other options would be to add hydrolics instead of the rotating base but that would not allow full 180 degree rolls or pitches. I know in the photos you can see the seats, in reality that would be covered up with a video screen so the passengers are locked into the cabin without view of the outside.


So yeah this is my idea! Please tell me what you think! Im considering creating a building to house it in and maybe coming up with a story to accompany the ride but for now this is what ive got. (if you are curious on where i modeled this it was on SketchUp and rendered with Twilight.)





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