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  1. Visited Holiday Park in Germany today, because its near me, for "Expedition GeForce" mainly. Man, i have ridden quiet a bit of coasters arround europe and i can say, this thing still tops all of them for me by miles. That first inversion drop with the speed into the most intense and longest air-time hill i have ever experienced and seen is enough to make you litterly launch out of your seats. As if this was not enough already, it also uses lap-bar restraints. The rest of the ride is fast paced and features standard elements and intense air-time hills too, but not so long ones as the first one. Pro tip: If you plan on riding this, definitly go for the front seat only! For some reason, i get the most of the intense air-time this way, not as much from the back seat, and on top of that you get the typical "speed wind and front view" effect.
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