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  1. 14 hours ago, xVicesAndVirtues said:

    ^I wouldn't count out Steamin' Demon being the park entrance coaster in 2031. They actually did a ton of steel track work in the off season of 2008 into 2009 on it that included a lot of cutting, welding, and steel replacing and things I don't entirely understand but definitely only get done every 20 or so years. They also did a major refurbishment of one of Great American Scream Machine's trains from Great Adventure and that's the train that runs on the coaster still today. Steamin Demon has been on this earth since 1978 when it debuted in Louisiana.

    I feel like what could really help demon would be a another retracking and new vekoma trains similar to what happened with blue hawk at over Georgia. As that rides reputation is way more positive then before the rebfirbishment 

  2. Looking at what the great escape could add in the future I’ve come up with a list of what I think could work well at the park

    5.Gravity group family coaster

    with the great escape being a family park I think a small,compact and fun ride would work. And give the park a good woodie to go along side comet 

    4.a sky rocket

    i think it would be easlily a top 2 or #1 coaster at the park and would give the park a launch and a more intense coaster. And a coaster for older kids and would give them a reason to come here

    3. A spinning coaster (such as serria sidewinder)

    a coaster that could appeal to family’s and older kids as well. As serria sidewinder is from what I heard somewhat intense.  You could also say a Mauer spinner. or pre-2013, you could say a Gerstlauer spinner, but who knows if they will ever get along.

    2. Rmc raptor or s&s freespin 

    both companies are frequently used by six flags for there coasters. Wilth both coasters being small,cheap, and good options for coasters. With a raptor packing strong ejection airtime and the freespin giving fun out of control spinning action for the park.

    1. Chance rides hyper gtx

    I feel like this would proubly be the best option for the park. As it’s cheap and packs a lot or airtime and excitement. And I feel like this would be the best ride to replace steamin demon when it bites the dust. And give it a skinny out in back layout. But hopefully taller longer,faster, then demon.

    I don’t know if this would count. But with all the love the water park gets, and the draw it is. I feel like a water coaster could be a good fit. As when the hurricane harbor retheming and small expansion gave the park record attendance. And a ride like that could create some buzz and a large crowd.


  3. I have always wondered what six flags could do with the marsh thats next to the park. the only thing I could think of could be a roller coaster like the defunct Hercules from dorney park were the right turn after the drop is over the lake.  or a ride like ride of steel at darien lake were its over a lake. 


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